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By Kat - 5 Reviews

Guilt. It coursed through me. My throat felt dry. How could I have done this? I wanted to bury my head in my hands, but then the blood would get everywhere. It would look suspisious. What was I thinking? I am suspisious! I am kneeling next to the body, their blood on my hands! I was sobbing like an idiot! How could I not look suspisious?!

My mind crashed in my skull, and I felt my heart pacing around, but my head was a hollow cavity and my ribs held nothing but black ink. If I hadn't done it.... what would've happened?

if I hadn't been who I am, could the world have gone on? Of course it would! It would've been fine! No one needed me here!

"Cindy?" I heard over my shoulder.

"Go. Away." My voice sounded coarse and my throat threatened to burst.

My Adam's apple throbbed as I fought back the continuously falling tears. They wouldn't stop coming. Why me?

"Cindy Smith, you are under arrest for murder." A deeper voice said.

The first voice tried to reason with the deeper one, but I stood up calmly. "I did it. I don't want a lawyer. All I need is time to deal with the... the guilt."

"Oh, you'll have pleanty of time where you're going."

"I know," I said calmly. "Just take me. No need to rub it in."

Then they led me away from her body.

Author Notes: Please review! Thanks for reading! -KP

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1 Jan, 2017
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