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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

By TheWeridDuckling

"Please you have to understand! I didn't do it!" she exclaimed. She tried to convince the judge she wasn't the one who murdered her mother. Apparently, it wasn't working. She begged and sobbed, but he didn't listen. "I hereby declare you.." She waiting for the words 'Not Guilty' but those words never came instead the words, "Guilty!" She felt her whole world crashing down, she was framed. It worked no one believed her, the crime completely pointed towards her. "I sentence you to death." She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Death?!" "Please i didn't do it please i didn't do it!" She screamed, her voice was getting horse from yelling. At this point she was on the ground pleading for her life. "I didn't do it..please you have to believe me.. ill do anything!" Instead she was taken away, she had no one, no one believed her pleads. Not even her own father, he looked upset, disgusted, disappointed every time he looked her way.

It hurt, seeing everyone you loved turn away from you for something you didn't do. You went to your aunt but you just got slapped in the face and screamed at. You couldn't blame her you were just accused and sentenced to death for murdering her, but you didn't.

You wanted revenge on who done this to you, you wanted them to suffer, suffer so much that their traumatized. But not too bad because you felt guilt thinking this way. Yeah maybe they meant to frame you but they didn't deserve to suffer THAT much. Sure they deserved it, ugh you couldn't keep thinking about this.

No one believed you but then again you were declared guilty, but then again the whole crime pointed towards you in every way. Wouldn't that be too obvious? Like I get that they're just doing their job but like wouldn't it be suspicious, like too much evidence in one place? Unless, that's happened before I don't know how the law works.

But I have no memory of that day like I remember waking up, doing some everyday things and then waking up in my bed, either way why would I drive 4 hours just to murder my own mother. I know I wasn't drunk either I didn't even have any alcoholic things in my house. I swore off drinking after I got drunk last time, it was a bad time.

Sure they had a lot of evidence that convicts me but like do they have evidence of me walking into the house? Evidence of me murdering her? I don't even know the last person to talk to my mom, maybe my aunt or my sister! Oh! My sister looks like me but we don't have the same fingerprints but she maybe could've got them.

My hometown makes sure it has cameras at every lamppost for future proof of anything, we were very prepared and everyone knew each other it was a small neighborhood after all. But, my sister looks like me but a little younger, sounds kind of like me, maybe she murdered her so she was the only one that looked like her..

No! Shouldn't be blaming family, its wrong of me.. What's wrong about this is the fact I'm being sentenced to death about something I have no clue of what happened. Sure they have like my car, fingerprints, and someone that looked like me near or inside the house, but like I want more evidence. Even if i did do it I didn't think I would be this bad at covering it up, like do better.

But I was just doing everyday things and randomly blacked out I always thought it was normal but I guess not. I could try and bribe one of the guards into letting me out. But that's probably a bad idea, can you get sentenced to death early? I don't know. Either way my death is in two days top.

I was deep into thought, laying on the cold rock hard bed, with a hard pillow when I heard "Lights out!" that meant bed time right? I'm bad at this death-row thing I don't understand anything about prison. Literally I was a office person before I was here. I'm losing my job, wait I'm in prison. I already lost it.

Maybe bribing a guard is a good idea.. I'm like 1% sure that'll work that's a lot of percentage.. no its not but its worth a try, it's not like ill get my death moved closer so I'm fine. "Hey guards!" why'd I actually do it, this was such a bad idea! Oh god I hear one walking this way.. Why am I so dumb?!

"What." a guard just stood there. I'm so screwed.. might as well go with it. "How much money to get me outta here?" The guard just stood there so confused. I'm such an idiot my chances of this working just went down to 0% I'm so going to get in trouble. The guard looked around looking for people around, "You go two million?" You were shocked, is this about to work? Whatever I might as go along with it if I'm this far already.

I can't believe I'm about to lie to a cop. "Yeah I got the money, so when am I getting out?" The guard just started laughing. Oh no.. I'm screwed. "You actually thought I was being serious?" He lied, I can't believe he just got my hopes up and then straight up lied. "Oh you did!" You just stood there upset and shocked. He looked like he was having the time of his life just laughing at your despair.

"You know I've had plenty of inmates attempt to bribe me." Did I just get unlucky with the guard I got? Yeah maybe it's just that, just unlucky.. I'm fine nothings going to happen to me. "But you.." What about me? Is this about the fact I'm on death-row? "They just got more time, but since you're on death-row and its in two days." My luck is absolutely horrible. "It's a day early, since you were so prepared to attempt to bribe, me then get so prepared to die."

He just walked away laughing. Might as well get yourself prepared for tomorrow. Like don't you get your final meal tomorrow then? What season is it, I can just ask for a fruit that's out of season and they have to wait for my sentence. No considering how my luck is it'll just backfire, that's totally a bad idea.

Might as well try and sleep, and get myself prepared for tomorrow. You lay on your rock hard bed, you felt uncomfortable but tried to imagine it as home, how much you missed home and wished you were there right now. If only my luck wasn't terrible. Though in the middle of my thoughts I blackout. I wake up and my cells a mess.

It looks like someone came in here and had a mental breakdown and died. A guard came up to my cell and said, "Your father wants to talk to you, lets go you'll get your meal choices in a bit after the conversation. You just nodded not like you could say or do anything to change this outcome, you felt stuck in one place.

You walked into the visiting room still handcuffed and told to sit down and wait, so you did, you waited for a bit then you saw your father walk in. He looked guilty and you were confused. What did he look so guilt for? What if he framed me for the crime? No. He wouldn't do that, that's my dad I can't be thinking like that.

"Hey sweetie we need to talk. Its serious." You were getting more worried. He looked guiltier by the second you knew you would be fine though, if he confessed to the crime right now you would be free to go, isn't this recorded? "What's so serious that you look guilty to talk about?" He looked at me then at the floor.

"Your mother didn't want me to tell you but still I think you deserve to know because you might want to know the truth before you know." He still looked guilty, my mom didn't want me to know something? What's happening? "What did she not want me to know?" He looked at me and sighed. "You have another person living inside you." You were shell shocked. "I have what?!"

"Please calm down." You couldn't believe what you were hearing. He wants you to calm down?! After hearing something like that? "I meant it like a split personality, not another soul living there." oh that makes a bit more sense. But I was still angry, if the judge or police knew this I wouldn't be here right now. Sure I would still be locked away somewhere but not going to die!

"You knew, and didn't think to tell the police or judge anything?! Are you crazy?!" He looked guilty, you wanted him to be guilty you didn't care anymore you were basically being sent to death for something you couldn't control and you dad was just setting it happen. You were glad he was about to lose two people he really cared about in a span of a week, honestly in that moment you felt like he deserved it.

"Your dangerous and I couldn't let this ever happen again." Me, dangerous? Excuse me, it's not my fault I'm like 24 years old and just now found out I have a whole other personality living inside my body whos been potentially hurting a lot of people once they got out. Honestly everything started making a bit more sense now that you heard this information. Your car, person who looked like you, and your fingerprints. It was all being put together.

"I'm your daughter? And you're just letting me die because you think I'm dangerous for something I can't control?!" He just nodded and left. You sat there wondering what you could've done different to make this whole week better. A officer came over and brought you into this room and asked what you wanted to eat.

You were angry and upset but you just decided not to be angry towards the officers they just not give you a meal and just bring you right towards your death. You just decided on your favorite food because it was the last thing you were going to eat might as well make it count, right?

You waited for like an hour or two and they came in with food and told you to eat it quickly because they had a busy schedule which you thought maybe if I wait long enough and not eat they won't take me to go out there. But you decided to eat anyways. You were hungry and you didn't want to die starving just in case that plan didn't work. You ate the food and waited a little while later they came and took you into a room and placed you on a chair.

So I'm dying to an electric chair huh? Dang I've always wondered what it felt like to die by electricity guess we're about to find out. "Any last words?" I was thinking and I nodded once I thought I found the right words to say but right as I opened my mouth I blanked out.

"HAHAHAHA! You know this was fun while it lasted." They just stood there confused and took it as a sign that these were my last words. Even though my way of talking, and the way I acted completely changed. They didn't think anything of it. So they pulled the lever to the electricity.

I felt waves of electricity shooting through my body so I woke up, I was about to die not even being able to say my true last words. My luck is so horrible, I truly think I deserve better sometimes. A few minutes later, I was pronounced brain dead.

Author Notes: (Don't know how prison works sorry) You can give feedback if you want :) Hope you enjoyed reading

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2 Sep, 2021
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