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Ha Ha Ha

Ha Ha Ha

By sociallyawkward

*Creak* The house whined all through the night. The creaking was the only thing that kept it from complete silence, maybe thats why she feared so when she heard it. Laughter. not the warm- hearted laughter that you have with your friends on a warm summer's afternoon at the park, but a sick, twisted, malevolent, reaching from the bowels of hell kind of laughter.

A feeling of pure terror washed over her when she heard it. Where did the sound come from? Was it really laughter? It could have been her imagination, just because it was so quiet. Yes, that was it, just her imagination. She desided to forget about it and doze back off to sleep.

About a half-hour later, her slumber was interuppted by the most heinous chuckle she had ever percieved. "Ha Ha Ha." an unknown voice rang out. Her palms got sweat and her heard started racing. Who was in her house? The, she saw it, a twisted, gnarled humanoid creature. It was standing in the corner of her room, "It's not your imagination. Ha Ha Ha"

The thing came closer, she was frozen with dread. "Ha Ha Ha" It said once more.

She was never seen again.

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13 Nov, 2013
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1 min
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