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Hailey's story

Hailey's story

By lillith123

Hailey is one of those girls, sweet but quiet,good but doesn't know it. She lives her life day by day. Everyone passes by her she doesn't care. She walks home to the people that have been taking care of her sense she was born. She was told her whole life her father died in war before she was born and her mother died shortly after birth. Hailey has been living her whole life like this. She doesn't care, the people she calls mom and dad do dearly love her,but never told her the real story of her parents. Hailey comes home one day, it's her 8th birthday and wants only one thing for her birthday, to be told the true story of her parents. She knows the stories weren't true, so her "parents" told her they would tell her when she's ready.

*Hailey walks in the door*
"Mama i'm home from school!!"
"Ok cookies are in the kitchen. we'll be right out!"
Hailey walks to the kitchen, she see's a book. She thinks to herself it's photos of her mom and dad. Her mom walks through the door.
"Are you sure you are ready? It's a hard story"
"Yes Mama i'm ready, it's my life's past, shouldn't i be able to know it?"
Her mother looks at her, with tears in her eyes
"Ok.....Your mothers name was Charlotte, and your fathers name was Darllin. They were the perfect couple. But they didn't want children. They just thought they would get in they way of life and ruin everything."
Hailey kept thinking in her mind she was the worst child on the face of the earth.
"But what they didn't know is they gave birth to the most brilliant daughter on the face of the Earth. They hated you though. They did. Babies need attention, a lot. They couldn't handle taking care of a child...They would beat you until you bled. They left you hungry until you wouldn't feel the emptiness. You slept on the stone cold floor. You never learned to talk with help. You never learned to walk with help. By the time you were 1 years old. Your "father" found you in the streets. You were full of blood. You weren't moving,but he felt a little heart beat. He ran you to the hospital were they fixed you right up. After that, days went by, you weren't reported missing so we decided to adopt you. We new you belonged with a family but we didn't take the chance to find them.We figured of they left you in the streets covered in blood they didn't love you. "
"So everything about me is fake?! My life is fake?! Why did they hate me?! What did i do?!!" Hailey's eyes filled with tears.
"We don't know why they hate you."
"Why are you acting like they are still alive? They can't be!They wouldn't be!" Hailey was crying hard.
Hailey then soon figured out her real parents were still alive. She wrote them a letter telling them she's glad she didn't have to live with them and her life was much better with out them. Weeks went bye Hailey didn't care if she got a response or not from those people. But then there was a letter in the mail for her. Her name wasn't on it though. Instead it said Jay Martin. Hailey looked at it for a while. She turned to her mom and asked her how the letter was for her. It turns out Hailey wasn't her name, Hailey's real name was Jay Jamie Martin.
"We didn't know your name, so we decided to name you Hailey. We always wanted a daughter named hailey. Then you came into our lives and made it much better."
Hailey ended up not reading the letter until one day when she moved out. She had kept it in the booked her mom had layed out on the table the day she was told her story. The book was filled with pictures of her when she was little. She opened the letter thinking to herself not to cry if i threatens her. This was the letter....

Dear Jay

We are happy that you have found a family that loves you. We are sorry for not loving you liked the parents in the movies. But i guess we turned out to be those people who don't know what to do with kids. I wanted to mention the most in my letter that we were a poor family. We never had food or money. It was hard to keep you happy. We knew you deserved a better life, we did not mean to hurt you. But your father didn't know what to do. He thought if we beat you and left you on the streets someone will find you. But we didn't end up beating you. You ended up falling down stone stairs. We couldn't do anything. Your father decided to leave you there and knew someone would find you. And it has happened. We are so sorry for everything that has happened.

Your Mother and Father,
Charlotte and Darllin

Hailey threw the letter in a box and put it at the back of her closet.
"One day, i'll see you again" She looked at the box pushed it in the far corner closed the door and walked away happy.

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30 Mar, 2011
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4 mins
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