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Half and Whole Part 2
Half and Whole Part 2

Half and Whole Part 2

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I start to walk out the door when my phone starts to vibrate again. I pick it up and read, omg! It's from the pack leader!

Hello Mia. As you should know, the pack is meeting at the stone tommarro. If you can't get that shapeshifting under controll, you will be punished. You bring shame to our pack!

Oh, wow. Well, nothing I can really do about it but practice. I walk outside and try to use the gems acording to the files. It takes me almost all night, but I think Ill be ready.

"Mia! MIA DAMN IT!" Maggy yells as I snore in bed drooling. "God damn it Mia! You're ganna be late for your fucking meeting! Wake up!" Maggy says as she shakes me back and forth. The meeting? OH SHIT! I FORGOT! I bounce out of bed, grab my bag "Ok, thanks!" I say as I jolt out the door. God damn it, I am going to be in so much truble if im late. I grab my bike from the front and petle there as fast as I can.

"OW!" I cry out as my bike hits someone and I fall to the ground. "Are you ok miss?" a kind voice says. I look up and grab my bike. "Ya, ya, Im fine-" I say, but then I am stunned by the man infront of me. Its the pack leaders son! I stand super still. I hop on my bike and petel as fast as I can.

When I finally make it there I tie up my bike and walk inside the wolgon barriar. No one can exit, unless its a leader. But the leader can let you out. Only wolgons can enter tho. "Sit everyone." the leader says. Everyone sits. Before I walk over to them, I pull out my gem and turn into a wolgon. This isnt going to be a good talk

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18 May, 2021
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