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Half and Whole Part 3
Half and Whole Part 3

Half and Whole Part 3

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I swing my back pack over my back, making sure not to hurt my wings. I carefully walk over to the rock for the meeting and sit by James. He raps his wing around me and the leader clears his throught. "As we all know, we are going to be moving the pack to a safer place since hunters have started to wonder into our teritory." the leader says. I flutter my wings and stand on my four paws. "Why can't we just fight them off!?" I say, everyone looks and me and I crouch a little. "What? We cant just fight! They will know we are here! They will send more people after us!" the leader shouts. "Stop saying people! They are transers like us!" I bark back. The leader gets up "They are not allibies! You couldnt understand since you hang out with one of the air borns!" he screams. I whimper and take a step back. "You know we can't trust any of the other transers! You are to stop hanging out with the air born named Maggy, or we will have to take extreem messures." leader growls.

I sit down and snuggle James and he wraps his wing around me. "As I was saying, I have a plan to move to the east coast. If we start moving by next month, we should be safe. "Why next month?" someone from the pack says. "Because, next month hunters are hosting a archery skill game. Th- Its hard to explain. It's none of your buisness anyway." leader looks at the moon. "This meeting is ended now. I have important buisness to deal with. Mack will dissmis you all." leader gets up and walks out of the barriar. A younger wolgon gets on the rock, "Yeah, yeah. Everyone is dismissed." he rolls his eyes and the barriar starts to dispawn.

I stand up and look at James. He has a mad expression on his face as we walk away from our stone. When we get to his place he throws me onto one of the chairs in anger. "Why the hell did you talk to the leader like that!? You know we cant fight!" he snarls. I just look at my hands. He stops walking back and forth and grabs my hand, "You wont do that again? Will you?" he asks in a harsh tone. My eyes flood with tears, "You know I can't promis you that...." I mumble sadly. Jack drops my hand and grabs my bag. "WHAT THE HELL DUED!" I scream at him as he digs throught my things. "Shut up." he says. I jump over and bite his sholder.

He yelps and smacks me. I continue to dig my teeth into his arm. James grabs me by the neck and throws me onto the wooden chair and ties me up with some rope. "UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW!" I scream out as James digs through my things. He doesnt respond. Then I see him pull out something from my bag, I can't really tell what it is. James stands up with the item in his hand and walks torwd the kitchen. I wiggle again and try to loosen the rope, James walks back in with a knife in his hand. My eyes widen. "What do you have in your hand?" I ask with fear. "Oh, nothing. Just your soul gem." James says with a smile on his face.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed this

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18 May, 2021
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2 mins
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