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Halloween Kiss
Halloween Kiss

Halloween Kiss


Dressing like the purge was the spooky and sexy custom she made that night of Halloween, not thinking that day was going to mess her up forever. During that night she had a feeling that her old friend was next to her trick or treating as well, a guy friend that she loved very much but never dated. They spent the night talking for hours not giving a fudge about not receiving any candy at all, acted like lovers that night who were comfortable with one another. That night the girl felt like she was the happiest girdie in the world while him, he probably didn’t feel the same. He dropped her off at her place but before he said, “I have the urge to kiss you right now.” She was in shook! They kissed and went on with their life’s, he thought of it as just a kiss but she thought it was more than just a kiss, she wanted him, still wants him. They texted but he stopped responding and tonight he texted me that he doesn’t want anything. Yes that she was I and that him still remains him. Now how can a guy you’ve cared about and loved for years just break you thru a text message. I still love him, tonight I lay writing this down feeling upset at myself for letting him kiss me on Halloween night.

Author Notes: never fall for a boy who has the urge to kiss you. also I wrote this really quick, sorry needed to let it out.

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9 Nov, 2018
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