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Halloween Story
Halloween Story

Halloween Story

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My acquaintance, Erin, and I made our way through the forest filled with fog, our shoes crunching on fallen leaves.

“Rumor says that there’s an abandoned house just down this path,” I teased him in a spooky tone.

“Why do we have to do this so late at night?” He groaned.

“It wouldn’t be as fun if it was any earlier.”

“This is not ‘fun’.” He rolled his eyes.

It had taken nearly weeks before I had gotten Erin to resign and come with me.

While Erin continued to complain I continued down the path triumphant and single-minded up until we reached our destination.

I examined the building at the end of the path. It was a wooden house, about two stories high with a triangular roof and a small porch in the front. I could sense the trepidation rippling down Erin’s spine.

“Shall we?” I grinned, gesturing my hand to the house.

Erin took a big gulp and finally gathered up enough bravery to approach the house. He strutted up to it with sweaty ambition and led me up to the dusty welcome mat. I was proud of my companion but also shocked, I never knew he had it in him. I gave him a quick pat on the back and placed my palm on the handle of the front door. As soon as I did I felt a huge wave of fear fall over me like a blanket. My subconscious felt as if I was being watched by something obscure.

“You know what? Maybe this is a bad idea,” I admitted, “Let’s go back.”

Erin shook his head and ushered me aside. Then he opened the door.

He walked onto the creaking wood of the house before me. Bewildered, I followed. I entered the home with trepidation. Again, feeling as though I was being stared at by some nonentity. I swiftly turned around making a light wind, ready to confront whoever was there. But there was no one.

I turned around again, “Erin, do you feel that too?” I asked with innuendo, trying to hint at him that something was off.

“You’re probably just paranoid,” he shrugged, “Let’s just look around a little more and then we can leave.”

I couldn’t help but stare at him with admiration. Where was all this confidence coming from? It was kind of luring.

Suddenly we heard a loud shatter in another room. We looked at each other for a second and slowly made our way to where the sound came from. Then there was a CRASH! From the same direction.

“Let’s go,” I ordered, grabbing Erin’s arm.

The two of us ran as fast as we could, receding into the forest without hesitation.

It was only till we reached home when the anonymous feeling of being looked at ended.

Author Notes: Don' worry about the watchy watchy thingy! Idek what that is ;)

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About This Story
15 Oct, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
3.0 (1 review)

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