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By esme

Shara painted amazing pictures. but she wanted to attracting as much attention to herself as possible. This was due to the fact she was shy, and something else...she wanted to be like the girl Rohmie in her school, she was popular and AMAZING.
one day Shara tried being Rohmie, she practised in her bathroom mirror and painted her face with little red circles for blussher on her cheekes, she pronounced each word as she said....
"I feel stronger physically, mentally, focused, more confident. I've got more Ideas......", that, was the type of stuck up talk Rhomie would say, just to impress people. Shara was always shifting about and twitching because she saw movement and heard faint noises and voices. and smelt odors that werent really there.
Shara became friends with her imagenary brothers and sisters. For they were really her only firends.
Sometimes she would get mad at her "brothere" and "sisters", she would pull her own hair out and kick and punch the air.

It was a monday and Shara walked down the road to her school.
her imaganary brother, Kyle beside her, they were talking, joking about the milk. Shara had spilt when she had tried to make a pankake with him.
From the corner of the pavement she heard the bell ring in the school, she ran to the gates and into the big hall. the hall was packed with students going tothere class roomes.

Kyle had told Shara to bring in the picture of him she had painted in for her teacher to see, it was tucked into the right pocket of her school bag.
The lessons finished quite quickly and then it was time for lunch.

Shara walked into the hall, holding Kyles hand.
Suddeny she got pushed into the concreet wall, by Rohmie.
Rohmie laughed, her gand laughed too, there evil
faces snarled and snorted in Shares eyes.
" i have seen you twitching, you little bitch, i have seen you talking to thin air, your fucking nut cas!" Rhomie wispered in Shara's ear, she gave Shara one hard shove and then left with a flick of her blond pritty hair.
"why did you nothelp me kyle?..."

later that day when evryone was leaving for home, Shara ran up to her teacher who was clearing her desk. Shara prodused her brilliant picture of her imaganary brother Kyle. "Miss Mounty, here is a picture of my brother." miss Mounty looked up and took the picture, and gasped, she was stunned! but then cofusion crossed her face " but Shara you dont have any brothers "

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About This Story
13 Feb, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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