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Handmaid Tale Detective Story

Handmaid Tale Detective Story

By 413051 - 1 Review

Mateen Ibirogba


English 12

21 March 2022

Handmaid tale

My name is Ratko Agrippa, I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I’ve traveled to Boston Massachusetts to inspect the Republic of Gilead. I use to work as an old detective that had cases on lost cats to murderous, but those times are done, now I run a computer shop fixing computers. The Republic of Gilead struck me, it isn’t like the old times at all. Well, the true reason I’m here is that I have a little girl’s case that went missing 20 years ago, and she should be around 25 years old now. I don’t like when my cases have been left a mystery.

I landed and The Republic of Gilead and started my investigation. The child who went missing parents gave me some good clues. They named the child Riley and she has two huge birthmarks on her back and two on each of her hands. I headed to the Republic of Gilead, and I knew I had to sneak in the Handmaid’s place to go and find clues about Riley. I sneaked in and dressed as a Guardian and walked around. I saw handmaids making food and putting butter on their skin, pretty weird why don’t they have lotion. I walked about to find Riley, all of a sudden a group of Guardians started walking in my direction. I quickly walked into the nearest closet and slid in quickly. I relaxed quickly until I saw a young woman in the closet with me. I told her to relax and she did. I explained to her I’m not a real Guardian and I’m looking for a woman named Riley who has two birthmarks on her hand and back. She told me that’s is her name and she has two birthmarks on each location.

I told her we need to leave. We quickly went across the handmaid’s place and we went to the place I sneaked in. all of a sudden the Guardians started coming in quickly and chased us. Riley pushed me out the window without hesitation. They quickly captured her, and that was the last time I saw her. I hope one day this evil system will be put to an end and hopefully, one-day people can see the truth and realize this isn’t for the best for everybody.

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26 Mar, 2022
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