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Hanging Screams

Hanging Screams

By Collie

You know that feeling that you get when you’re all alone, walking through the dark woods way too early in the morning, to early that even your body knows you should still be asleep.
Everything is so calm and quiet during that time. Of course not quiet when you hear a scream, one of those screams where your heart rattles, and stomach drops to your toes. Most normal people think the first thing to do was go investigate where the scream came from, but not Sadie, no, not her, she’s not like normal people. To normal people she’s someone to stay away from, from non-normal people she’s someone to be afraid of. Someone to fear so much, that your stomach aches and you nearly pass out by just from thinking about her.

Sadie thinks of herself as a person who sees the world from a different perspective, someone who has a good life, well that’s what she thought when she was with her fiancé, until he had to take a leave of absence. So there Sadie was, walking, well practically jogging, through the woods towards the road. When she gets to the road, she’s nearly hit by a SUV, really she’s not even fazed by it, she just starts to jog into the other side of the woods, until the man who was in the truck gets out and decides to see if the girl he nearly killed was safe. “Ma’am! Ma’am!!! Are you okay?! My name is Gabe. Let me help you.” he said. Sadie just nods, thinking in her head, ‘yeah, I’m totally fine, this guy is a total creep.’ “Yeah, I’m okay. I’m Sadie.” Sadie said, with a ‘leave me alone you weirdo’ face. Suddenly, a scream comes from the woods, the same woods that Sadie just ran out off. “What was that?!” Gabe said, panicking. ‘Oh no. what do I do? Do I run away? No. he’ll expect me of something, and call the cops.’ “I don’t know!! And I don’t want to find out! You got to help me!!!” Sadie yelled, pretending to act scared. “It’s okay. Calm down!” Gabe told her. Sadie who doesn’t really want to stick around, to find out what’s going to happen next, decides to run towards the other half of the woods. “SADIE! WAIT! IT’S OKAY! COME BACK!!” Gabe screamed, as Sadie disappeared into the dark woods.

Sadie isn’t the ‘run away panicking type’ she just doesn’t like people, but as she was running away, curiosity set in, she had to see what Gabe was going to do. She hid in the bushes and followed Gabe as he walked and whistled an oddly happy tune. She kept her distance, and suddenly Gabe stopped, what Sadie saw next will haunt her forever, in front of him, covered in blood, guts on the ground and intestine wrapped around the neck, was a young woman.
The woman, who was still breathing, still alive, barely hanging on to life, was hanging from a tree by her waist. From what Sadie could see what that hanging out of her torso was her intestine falling from a slit in her stomach, part of it was wrapped around her neck. After Sadie realized what she was looking at she was stopped in horror, she held back a scream. The woman, who was just hanging there, not moving, must have saw Sadie hiding in the bushes. “Help me! Please, help me!” the woman said, the words barely escaping her bloody mouth. Sadie did something she shouldn’t have done, she took her eyes off of Gabe for a second, next thing she realized was she was being grabbed from behind. “There you are! What are you doing hiding in the bushes?! I want you to meet my friend,” Gabe said. “What’s your name again sweetie?” Realizing that he was talking to the woman and not her, Sadie tried to get away, but Gabe had a grip on her arm. The woman ignored his question and began yelling again, realizing that the woman in front of her could not save her. “SHUT UP!” Gabe yelled. “And tell Sadie your name you dumb b*#$%.” The woman, who now seems like she’s struggling to stay awake, due to the fact that blood is dripping into the already red soaked soil beneath her, breathlessly says, “My n-n-name... I-I-is...F-F-Felicity.” Gabe, now standing in front of Felicity, still gripping Sadie’s arm so she doesn’t escape him, replies to her with a wide grin, “Good girl. Now shut up, I don’t want to hear another peep from you...ever.” Felicity didn’t seem disturbed by Gabe’s crude words, knowing that her life would end soon anyway.

Sadie, who didn’t want to end up hanging from a tree, her blood pouring out her body, cold thick blood running down her arms, just the thought of it made her shutter, deciding that now would be a good time to have a sudden boost of energy. “Why did you do this? You’re a monster, you know!! How could you think about doing this?” Sadie yelled as loud as she could, hoping, praying that someone would here and come to her….and Felicity’s aid. Of course, if Felicity didn’t last till someone came, Sadie would still want her body to be buried in peace. “What did you say?” Gabe said as he backhanded her. Sadie, her face red and burning, she was terrified and Felicity realized that and she started to cry. “Don’t h-h-hurt her…p-p-please j-just leave h-h-her a-l-lone.” Gabe, now furious, yelled, “Didn’t I tell you to shut up? No one is going to come and help, you dumb b*$@%!!” Then Gabe did something that made Sadie’s stomach ache and her heart drop. Gabe grabbed Felicity’s intestine and pulled as hard as he could. The intestine, most of it already out of her body, was pulled so hard, that blood exploded everywhere, covering Gabe and Sadie. Felicity began choking, blood was pouring out of her mouth, and then as fast as it started, she stopped moving and went silent. Gabe began to laugh, one of those ‘that was so funny’ laughs, were tears come out your eyes and you find it hard to catch your breath. “You’re such a sick bastard!” Sadie screamed, struggling against his grip. “Oh yes, and what do to with you,” Gabe said, grinning. “Such a beautiful girl, did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are, Sadie?” Gabe was now gripping Sadie’s chin, and stroking her hair. Sadie was crying, she was terrified, thoughts were coming through her head, the only thing she could think of is that, this man, this stranger, is going to murder her tonight, and he’s going to enjoy doing it. Of course she was going to die, isn’t that what psycho killers do to people? They kill them. Gabe was one of those psychos that seem totally normal, get coffee every morning, say hello to the neighbors, and do what any normal person does. Gabe was different from the average psycho, in his mind he only killed the people who deserved it. To him, Felicity deserved it, because she was responsible for the death of her child, if wasn’t her fault though. You see, Felicity had a miscarriage due to falling down a flight of stairs, to Gabe, that’s murder and Felicity had to suffer for what she did. Sadie, well she was normal once, you know, when her fiancé was around, until he took a leave of absence. Really, he’s in her flowerbed, dead, and yes, she murdered him. Why? He left the toilet seat up one too many times, he left dirty dishes in the sink, simple things, but they made Sadie crack. Yes, she’s psychotic too. One day *bam* a lamp to the head, he didn’t die of that though, he just happened to hit his head on the table as he fell, breaking his neck. Gabe knew all of this because it was in the newspaper, and of course he found Sadie’s fiancé buried under some pretty roses.

Now, Gabe was dragging Sadie deeper into the woods, dragging her through the mud by her hair. Pulling her through the dirt and grime, pulling her farther away from her escape, her freedom, all she thought was ‘nothing can save me now.’ She was screaming the whole time, no one in sight to come save her, come save her from this horrible man, come save her from a gruesome, bloody death. Gabe still pulls Sadie along, for no one knows how long….hours? Minutes? Seconds? That really didn’t cross Sadie’s mind as a man, a strange man, someone she met just about an hour ago, pulled her along, through the dark woods, not caring that she’s screaming and wailing bloody murder. Gabe walks and walks, into the woods, until they both disappear completely in the summer’s sun.

Couple hours later….

The sun is setting, the air is warm yet moist, it’s one of those nice days were its warm enough to not wear a jacket but it’s not hot enough that you’re sweating. In Mellowlake woods, boy scouts are on their first time camping, when they come across something that is unimaginable. The boys come across a body; the body of who they later find out is Felicity Callos, the woman that went missing 3 months ago after the accidental death of her unborn child. Blood is dripping from her cold, dead, clammy body… the boys are terrified at what they see, their stuck to the ground in fear, not knowing what to do. Far in the woods, nearly on the other side of the lake, in the dark part of the woods, a scream breaks through the trees. One of those screams where your heart rattles, and your stomach drops to your toes, one of those screams that will haunt your dreams till the day you die…or till the day you get murdered. Remember…don’t do anything you’ll end up regretting while your hanging from a tree…and your blood is flowing down your skin….don’t do anything you’ll regret when your spine shutters in fear.

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About This Story
6 May, 2011
Read Time
8 mins
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