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By Optimism101 - 1 Review

My bike tire shakes as it rattles down the street. I sigh, they will be better off. I don't matter, I never did. They wanted something better, something more fit. Maybe one day.

"I want to raise your spirits"

I skidd to a stop in front of the gate. The wall. It has been there for as long as I remember, and I don't argue. My backpack slides off my back, and I take out my tent. The rain starts to come down as I put it up. The pitter patter on my tent was blurred out from the memories.

"I want to see you smile, but"

We used to go out to the most extravagant places. I used to take her out to the best restaurants, to the newest movies, but I never could make her laugh, make her feel like she was having the best time.

"Know that means I'll have to leave."

I closed my eyes as some tears escaped. You'll be happier.

I awoke to the next day, sunny, but some clouds still in the air. My bike was still just as rattled, and water still dripped off of its frame. The gears disheveled a bit, and I knew it was un-ride able. That meant a long walk to school. I pass by her house, she was getting your backpack on, a happy aura around her.

"'Cus baby you look happier, you do"

Classes grew dark. My friends, at least, my acquaintances comforted me. They knew everything that happened with me. I didn't care, there wasn't much to know.

"My friends tell me one day, I'll feel it too."

After talking for a long time about my state, I gave them a "I'll be fine" and a smile. It hurt to try to create happiness, and I knew I couldn't keep it up for long. I just hoped they would stop probing.

"And until then I'll smile to hide the truth"

I don't know if I could ever recover, If I would ever get better. My feelings were jumbled. It could've been hope, or sadness, but it wouldn't be happiness, not for a while. My days would grow slow, uneventful. My grades dropped. I stopped caring. My thoughts were still full of her. I know she will be better.

"But I know I was happier with you"

I know she will be happier.

Author Notes: Yeah, I love these two songs. Such emotion in them, easy to connect with, and all in all just hurt. Thought I would give it a shot. Tell me what you think! OH! Thank you to my readers.

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20 Mar, 2019
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