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By Smitz

A little girl sits beside her mom in a hospital bed. The little girl wonders why there are so many tubes stuck inside her. In her arms, her chest, and even up her nose. Everyday her mother holds her telling her everything will be ok. Smiling the little girl looks up, tears roll down her mother's face, she never understands why she’s so  sad all the time. Sometimes when she spends the night she can hear her mom begging her dad to “Pull the cord”. It is near christmas and the little girl wants her mom to come home. No matter how hard she begs her mother refuses and simply replys with tears. The mother pulls her in tightly and falls asleep.  

   She no longer wants her mom to be sad. She decides to make her mom happy by doing what her father wouldn't do. She pulls the cord. A second later her dad walks in, the cord still placed in her hands. The little girl looks up and smiles at her dad. Her father screams, Doctors begin to run in the room. Checking her pulse the doctor looks at her dad with sorry eyes.  The little girl walks up to the doctor and hugs him asking if her mom can come home for christmas now. Politely the doctor shakes his head telling her she is in a happier place now. Excited the little girl jumps up in the bed with her mom and hugs her. She shakes her mother trying to wake  her  to ask her if she can come to. The father pulls her off whispering that will be another day.

   It is about 12:00 am and they are at home. Her fathers face is still wet with tears. Walking up he grabs her by the neck and throws her into the wall. The little girl reaches for the phone calling 911. When the operator answers there is no respond. 20 minutes later the police show up. The door is unlocked. When they walk in two bodies lay still. One beat to death, the other drowned.  Beside the little girl was a note. Opening it up it read the dads last words:

Stuck in a room, Tied to a bed, she was there for her daughter. Oxygen, Medication,  we did everything to keep her alive. This was a woman who suffered till death. Our daughter sweet and young, wouldn't hurt a fly. I can no longer live knowing the monster my daughter has become. In a tribute to my wife we will suffer, and in the end of that suffering we will die. The day has come where me and my daughter will join my wife, Just as she has asked me to.

   On each grave a single picture is engraved. Her mom, her dad, and the little girl smiling just how she used to. The happiness the little girl was seeking eventually led to a horrible death through a troublesome family. But in the end the little girl did join her mother just as she asked.

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8 Nov, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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