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Happiness Is a Lie

Happiness Is a Lie

By Sealunicorn11 - 2 Reviews

Sometimes I look up at the stars and wonder when my life went so wrong. How did my world change from two parents who loved me so very much, to my parents divorcing.

When did my world shatter into a million pieces along with my family? I used to think that family would love you forever and always stay together. That was before. Before I learned that parents becoming separated and buying separate houses usually means that it will end in divorce. That you may never see one of your parents or become shuttled between the two of them, forced to pick sides by one, or both, parents.

Your parents can seem perfectly happy together then suddenly announce that they are getting divorced. Just because they act happy in front of you doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Or you’ll see your parents fighting all the time and think, “all parents fight, right?”

Sooner or later you’ll find out that happiness is a big lie invented by people who don’t want anything wrong to happen in their life. That love is a useless emotion to cause animals to breed. The sooner you learn that lesson, the sooner you can get closer to happiness, if it even exists.

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28 Apr, 2019
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