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Hard to Let Go:'(

Hard to Let Go:'(

By rhuechel

The link above is the link where I always listen since Donald and me broke up. This song titled "Loneliness" by Laura Paussini made me cry almost everyday. I missed Donald so much that I even wanted to see him every hour of the day. It wasn't so easy for me to move on (though I hope I can cope with it ASAP). I couldn't even think properly with my other stuffs to do. I enjoy my self being with friends almost everyday but at the end of the day, I end up thinking of him. I tried meeting other guys but seems like they can't replace Donald in my heart. It's kinda weird but it's true. I love him so much. I wanted to be on his side always. I was making myself busy even if I'm not just to forget him, but truly it was killing me inside. If he could just read and understand my feeling as I was writing this thing.

I even sometimes blame myself for the broke up but I guess a better man will come soon in my life. I will just wait for the right time to come. If God allows, I want Donald to be with me forever. For those who want to make friends with me, here's my twitter @rhueche

For those who feels the same way with me who find it hard to move on, God will be with you all the way.

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1 Feb, 2012
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