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Harley's Turn
Harley's Turn

Harley's Turn


Growing up, I knew I differed from other kids. My mother says all kids go through a phase. I didn't realize mine was a wolf phase too. I didn't have a clue about what was going on until six months ago. I wasn't feeling right; that's when mom told me about my gift. Or like I say, curse. I haven't had my first turn yet, but it should be soon. It's exciting for my family. I've been the only daughter born into our clan, and to ensure our bloodline continues, I'm to wed Alpha Derther's eldest son, Rahl. After my first turn, my life changes forever. My purpose in life is to bear his children and do as he asks. My voice and opinion will need to stay quiet, and I must serve my mate. I respect my elders, but if I have something to say, well, I say it. This meeting should be an exciting event.

Three days later, I'm walking in the forest when the shift overcomes me! I scream for my mother, unsure of what exactly is going to happen. Calm yourself, dear. Stress makes it more challenging—breathing in, and out finally calms my pulse, making it easier to deal with the discomfort. Once completed the transformation into wolf form, All's lost to nature's instincts.

At sunrise, I awaken in a field nude and full of blood. It's not mine, but from a kill, I made last night. My body feels foreign. My mother is close; I can hear her approaching. She's brought me clothes since I'm far from home and it's daytime.

"Thank you for this, mom."

"No worries, Harley, the alpha is aware of your turn and request a meeting with us."

"Great! Now I'm worried."

"Let's get you home and cleaned up, okay?"

Later on in the day, we arrived at the Alpha Derther's home. It was a vast castle made of stone. It was a gloomy-looking place. Mom knocked, and instantly, the door swung open to a beautiful entryway, bright lights, flower arrangements, and an elegant double staircase to the second floor. Rahl caught my eye from across the room as we were both pulled by an unknown force. Mother smiled from ear to ear.

"A perfect pairing," she whispers.

Suddenly, the Alpha Derther appeared.

"Welcome to our home, please come in." As we all entered the den and sat quietly. He introduced everyone and quickly got down to business.

"Are you still pure, dear?"

"Yes, I answered quicker and louder than intended. I'm sorry, sir, for the outburst".

"That's ok, dear. Rahl, this is your mate, your luna. You both have many things to learn about your future."

"Did you bring your belongings, dear?"

"Belongings? What do you mean, sir?"

"Your stuff, my child, this is now your home, and you are not leaving. You belong to us now."

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About This Story
17 Sep, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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