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Harry Potter and the Perciverious Water
Harry Potter and the Perciverious Water

Harry Potter and the Perciverious Water

Sky16Tammy : )
3 Reviews

After Deathly hallows part 2

Harry Potter and the Perciverious water.

After the death of Dumbledore, the ministry and the Hogwarts were politically unbalanced. The followers of lord Voldemort were everywhere. Everyone elected prof. McGonagall as head mistress. But evil Lucius Malfoy and Peter Pettigrew planned a pity less death of prof. McGonagall. Whole Hogwarts was distributed. Harry wondered if he can bring back Dumbledore alive. Hermione came up with a name of Nicolas Flamel. Flamel was an old friend of Dumbledore and a well known alchemist. She thought if Flamel was alive they can resurrect Dumbledore. They found him and requested him. Flamel made Perciverious water as a resurrection substance by killing himself. Pettigrew wanted that water for Voldemort. Harry and Pettigrew both had a fight for that water. During the fight the water spilled on Voldemort ashes and he gets back with his wand. But Harry and his friends get success to defeat him again with destroying his every single part.

Author Notes: I want to explain the story in short. And....bit lazy to write it long😅

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Tammy : )
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26 Jan, 2020
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