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To the Demon in Me
To the Demon in Me
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To the Demon in Me


You say you hate me do you think I care well guess what I don't so leave me the fuck alone and get out of my fucking life. If you hate me fine, then leave. That means keep my name out of your mouth and stop talking fucking trash. You know one day you’re going to pluck my last nerve and when you do I’m letting all my anger out on you and once I start I am not going to stop so watch your fucking back you bitch. You don't want to piss me off to the extreme I’m telling you that now because once you do your going to get a taste of your own medicine. You say you hate me... okay hate me I really don't fucking care just leave me and my friends alone. keep saying I said this and that and I’ll say worse. Just because you feel miserable doesn’t mean you need to make everybody else miserable and depressed. If you want to play games, then fine let’s play but I’m telling you now you’re going to lose once it begins.

Author Notes: just dont mess with me


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25 Jan, 2019
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