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Haunted Book
Haunted Book

Haunted Book


And as the beginning of every night there has been strange activity in the premises but late night everyone can't get out of bed so I would be alone. I but a lightbulb to stay at night to read another form of book sure it 's no difference. I would have to say now novels are an appetizer for someone other than you. Which you would always need to fear. (I was not threatening you, please you are my friend) I don't know some guy for crazy and jumped out of nowhere in front of me. Another School is not over and get to class, 3:15 is over, the bus my bus how will I get home! Walking AND I am so dead, not by the bully or so. The bully just tell him what you know. He will be your friend forever.

No bus no bully best day till the English teacher (read?) *no I don't* with all the encouragement nothing would make life matter. I just just to tears in front of the teacher. (What is the matter) whatever I said nearly made things worse. Walk home, no bully in sight and the teacher drops dead.

Am I the nightmare of a curse because every time books play along something always happens to someone. This time I am happy, hey it's just meant to be. A happy expectation. Maybe it will be more fun than watching sesame street with cinderlla slipped on a bananna peel. What is best is the concious mind. What could be wrong! And danger is a middle name.

Author Notes: What fear takes is the fear itself. Always thinking about you *the world*

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25 Oct, 2018
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1 min
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