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Have Mercy
Have Mercy

Have Mercy

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I've been thinking,

I remember now why this didn't work out

The first time,

I've been sitting here,

Writing about it in every rhyme,

I'm getting sick of the way this always ends,

How you always fulfill my fear,

We get so close,

And then so far,

So quickly,

It hurts,

And I keep wishing on a star,

Like this situation is going to change,

Like you'll suddenly become a prince,

And our relationship won't be strange,

But it will always end like this,

I'm always going to end up hurt

After this stage of false bliss,

And I know it,

That's what breaks my heart,

Not the fact that you are wrong,

But that I know

And let it happen anyway,

As if I have this small hope

That you'll change some day,

But you won't,

Because as much as you say

That you have,

You're always going to be the same,

And there's no one that I can point at,

For I'm the one to blame,

I haven't been blind to you,

I've been ignorant,

This is what I always do,

Why do you let me do this to myself?

Every time,

You let me look at you like gold,

When you're a ball of slime,

Do you like the way I cry?

Is this why you do it?

Is this why you lie?

Spreading your false hope

So often

I don't even know now how to cope

So leave me be,

I've been heartbroken over you once,

And it nearly killed me,

In the midst of this controversy,

I'm begging you please,

Have mercy

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9 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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