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He Did It | Part 2
He Did It | Part 2

He Did It | Part 2

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As I mentioned in Part 1, all names and places are being changed to keep confidentiality. This second part does contain strong language but will be censored. This is my true story, hope you enjoy!

"Yes, just got another one!" I listened as Mark shot down another enemy in one of his many video games. I continued the piece I was painting while he raged on from my phone. His phone was angled towards the ceiling, not showing any actual aspects of his life. This left me wondering why this was the third time he's FaceTimed me today; and why this is the third time that I've picked up the phone. "Nice." I replied dryly. I needed full concentration to finish my piece. I had already put one of my paint pens in the cup of water that was meant for my brushes.

I continued to use fine brush strokes to mke the details of the girl's face stand out. I was almost finished with her eyelids when- "Sh*t." My head snapped up out of it's dreamy state. "What happened?" I asked innocently. I heard a bang, then Mark's phone jolted a little to the left. Leaving me staring at his legs as he furrowed underneath his desk for his lost controller. He ignored me once he found his controller started his game back up again. "Oh you're gonna pay for that, motherfu-" I stared down at the phone. He knows I hate his language. As if he could feel my lazer gaze, he turned around to face the phone. "S-sorry." I could only see his forehead but that's all I needed to know that he really wasn't. I rolled my eyes and continued painting.

I walked into a full classroom that Friday, Mark following close behind me. Too close maybe? At this point I could just be paranoid. We sat down at our usual desks; Mark scooting his closer to mine, only leaving an inch inbetween us. I felt like I could feel the heat coming off of him in waves, every time he touched me it was like he left an imprint on my skin. I became tense, as I normally did in these types of situations (that's another story). He leaned his shoulder into mine, making me even more uneasy. "We should hang out this weekend." I wasn't expecting that, after all, I had just thought about melting into the floor. "Uh, sure." No, no, no! "We could go see a movie or go grab some lunch or something." I wouldn't have to do much socializing at the theatre... "A movie sounds good. Didn't you say the new SpiderMan movie just came out?" I looked at him for the first time since the begining of class, just to see he was staring back at me. "Yeah that sounds good. What time should I pick you up?" This was sounding more and more like a date; something I did NOT want to do. "I don't know, I'll have to check with my mom." Which was the truth. Then I had an idea, "Hey, could Marley come? I'm sure she'd be down for a movie on Saturday."

He shrugged, and looked away. "I guess, but maybe we can find something that just me and you can do." I sure hope not. I thought quietly. I silently prayed Marley would be free the day we went to go do something.

At the end of that class, he Mark did something that I really wasn't expecting. "Alright, pack up your stuff." Mrs. Cliff said from her corner of the room. I got up to zip my computer inside my small, black backpack. Before I knew it, I was being pulled into a tight embrace. "You're my best friend, you know." Mark whispered in my ear. His breath brushed my hair sending shivers from my spine. I stood there like an idiot, sweating, not returning the hug; my hands glued to my sides. What seemed like an eternity later, Mark finally lets go. "Erm-thanks." His face looked hurt, but what else was he expecting. He leaned in, close enough for our noses to be touching before I grabbed my pack after waving a short goodbye in his direction and practically running out the door and into the crowded hallways.

A another red ball went zooming past me, hitting the brick wall behind. I looked down at the growing sweat stains on my PE uniform, not caring as yet another ball hit someone behind me. I finally got hit on my thigh as I walked in defeat to the benches. Mark supposedly was "out" not long after me. He sat on the bench directly behind me, moving my head to rest on his knee. At this point, I was too tired to care. "Hey so uh, you know the dance that's coming up?" Our homecoming dance was in a little less than a month. Guys were asking out their dates in front of everyone, bringing flowers and chocolates. I've only ever been asked to a dance twice before, both which I politley declined as I wasn't going. "Yeah, the homecoming dance." He was silent. I looked up at him as he looked back down at me. "So if either of us don't have a date by the time it comes around, would you go with me?" I felt extremly sorry for what was about to come out of my mouth, more for me than him. But as I looked up into his eyes, I could tell they were cloudy and lost. Deep down, he was just a kid. Right?

"Yes," I said and nodded at the same time, "I'll go with you."

Author Notes: Part 3 coming soon! (The third part will be the last of the series) Sorry if the writing seems a little rushed, trying to squeeze this much information into three short stories isn't easy ;)

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21 Mar, 2020
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4 mins
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