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He Makes Me Forget My Boundaries
He Makes Me Forget My Boundaries

He Makes Me Forget My Boundaries


Three thirty in afternoon, is always a rush

I running to register that punch

Somehow I make it to my one more attendance

Later with a relief I hurry towards that coffee end

I spot him from far standing tall

My heart blushes with a thought - please don’t make him turn away

My brain begins to fall once again

And I forget the distance in between

I found myself wondering - What would it be like, if he was mine

I have read him quite well but hadn’t seen him laugh like that outside our class

It does steals a beat of my heart

Oblivious to my watch

He remains engrossed in his talk

I’m good with boundaries

But he makes me want to reach out and touch his calmness

I so wish I was courageous enough to ask him to give me his heart

I know he walks in a different plot

And I have nothing much to give

But I would have kept it happy and proud

Please! heaven please!

Make him turn towards me

With his eyes shining bright on me

And his heart smiling with mine

Author Notes: Mind - Of all the people, why ‘him’?
Heart - Because he feels like calmness.

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31 Jul, 2019
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<1 min
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