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He Makes My Eyes Go Zoom
He Makes My Eyes Go Zoom

He Makes My Eyes Go Zoom


So here it goes -

my another story

of him and his coloured checks

his fingers running through his hair

Him roaming around in his casual ways

oh ! heaven sweet

you really did good !

He definitely is a sight to drool

Something like - ‘he is just too good to be true’

Now can you just make him feel what I feel

Make him see me - the way I see him

a little bit of snow and globe

like dew drops falling from trees green

rose petal smiling from behind sunbeam

I so wish I could close the distance in between

Make him read my words with keen

Sing him the songs from the world I’ve seen

Stare at him like he is a breathtaking scene

He walks and talks like someone threading through clouds

soft and gentle and even his displeasure sweet

I fail to believe how can he be so real and clean

Remains in control with his voice at a level so serene

And each time I pass him by

He makes me feel silly and shy

As though he was my man with his eyes locked on me

Gosssshhhh ! If only I could cage his voice

like he does to mine

Take him with me to my unknown land of chocolate creams

there’s no one around so fine as him in his scrubs and stethoscope and his white coat

Don’t ever make him mean

And please please! dare if you turn him against me

I wanna be bold and scream -

Oh heaven ! Make Him turn around and see me as his queen

Author Notes: I had kept safely my heart closed and my sorrows were keeping my mind afloat. Watching him today has disturbed my pathos. They are upset with him but I , on the other hand, am glad.
The silliness of heart when you are head over heel crushing over someone.

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About This Story
18 Jul, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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