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Heal Leah
Heal Leah

Heal Leah

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I know You are real.

You have power still,

The power to heal

This dear one so ill.

My friend hurts.

So I enter this session

Of fervent prayer

And faith-based intercession.

Heal this


It's her Achilles Heel.

The serpent has struck her heel.

How can she climb that hill

With a bruised blue heel

As she lies here still --

Still not healed?

The hour is eleven --

We need power from Heaven.

The night is getting darker --

Her plight is getting starker.

O God, this disease

Has robbed her of ease

And plundered her peace.

So I ask Thee please:

Give her sweet relief,

The peace of release.

Raise Your child up from this,

Up from this bed of sickness.

Then she'll have a story

When to Your glory

My friend will bear witness.

No earthly idea

Can make whole

This sick soul.

So I call upon You,

Dear Lord,

To heal the ill Leah

And grant victory

In this war.

What's this glow that flows

Through my trembling arm?

Reaching my hand,

It feels real warm.

Hotter my limb gets

To my fingertips

Without any harm.

Let this never quit!

I can see a

Change in Leah.

I feel the need to kneel

And adore You, Lord, for

My friend is now healed.

We survive,

We revive,

We thrive

For You're alive.

© Matt Decker


Author Notes: The word "heal" and the name "Leah" share the same letters.

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
22 May, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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