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Hear and see no more

Hear and see no more

By resie

Brittany was diagnose with cancer at the age of 6. Her best-friend Amber was always there for Brittany no matter what. Brittany and Amber met in the hospital where Brittany now stays at. When they met Amber badly needed a kidney transplant to save her life. There were no kidney matches at time for her.

Till she met Brittany. Brittany decided to give Amber her kidney since she was going die anyway. Amber told her no, she didn't need to shorten her life to save her. Brittany insisted on it, calling her a bad best-friend if she didn't take her kidney. Amber accept it, and promise to be by Brittany side till her time was up.

10 years later.

Both girls now 16 were still best-friends. Nothing couldn't tear them apart. When Amber arrive at the hospital the doctor spoke to her.

"Hey Amber, how are you feeling today?" I'm doing ok Dr.Lee, on my way to see Brittany." "Amber wait a minute." Amber stop, feeling in her heart what the doctor was about to say.

"Please don't say it, please don't say it." Amber said in a crackling voice.

"Brittany body is giving up on her. Her body is rejecting the drugs and the treatments we're giving to her." "She won't have long now Amber, only time will tell now. I'm sorry, make every second count with her."

"I will." Amber said with tears coming down her cheeks.

On her way to see Brittany, Amber decided not say nothing to her about what Dr. Lee had said.

"Hey Brittany, how are you feeling?" Amber said with a faint smile on her face.

"Amber, hey I'm feeling ok my body feel weak though." Brittany said with tubes in her hand and nose.

"Yea, its probably the drugs." "Hey, you know what, how about me and you go do something today?" Amber said with full smile this time.

"Sure, what do you want to do Amber?" Brittany said sitting up a little bit.

"Nooooo its up to you, my treat Brittany." Amber said pointing her index finger at Brittany.

"Hmmm, I always wanted to see the sunset since no light hardly come in here." Brittany said looking up and thinking.

Amber looks at her watch.

"O shoot, well come on before we miss it, I know a great spot to." Amber said helping Brittany up out the hospital bed.

Amber and Brittany put their jackets on and leave the hospital. Amber drove Brittany to the beach. Brittany couldn't hardly stay awake because of the drugs in her body.

"Brittany, look we're here." Amber said pointing out the window to the beach.

Brittany open her eyes slowly.

"I want to feel the sand between my toes." Brittany said weakly.

"Sure, best-friend." Amber said helping Brittany out the car.

Amber grabs Brittany, puts her on her back with her arms over her shoulders. She hardly weighs anything. Amber slowly walks across the beach with Brittany on her back looking at the sunset.

"Amber, put me down for a second." Brittany said tapping on Amber chest.

"What is it?" Amber ask gentle letting Brittany feet touch the beach sand.

"Take a few steps back." Brittany said waving her hand towards Amber.

Amber begins to back up a few steps. Brittany uses a little bit of strength she has to stand up. She wiggles her toes in the sand smiling. She looks at the sunset for a minute, than back at Amber. She uses her last bit of strength in her lifeless body to walk over to Amber. She take a few steps before falling in the sandy beach and began to cough up blood. Brittany move forward.

"No back up. I want to do this Amber." Brittany said holding her hand outward towards Amber.

Amber backs up. Brittany looks at the sunset again. She pushes her hand into the sand and force her herself up. She stands up and walks towards Amber again. Brittany puts her arms out towards Amber while still walking.

"Brittany." Amber said with tears in her eyes while still holding arms out to Brittany.

Brittany is few inches away from Amber till her body gives up on her. The last thing she saw was herself falling into Amber arms. She was smiling, like the smile she had when she gave her kidney. Something she will never forget as she hear and see no more.

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20 Apr, 2011
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3 mins
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