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Heart of Qualities
Heart of Qualities

Heart of Qualities

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --
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He was troubled, bullied and broken
But that doesn’t stop him from helping the problems unspoken
The element of loyalty that makes him strong
The heart of water is where he truly belong

She was declared ugly, useless and worthless
But she was quick and smart, with all-purpose
The element of pride that makes her worth
The heart of wisdom will have its rebirth

He was uncertain of his place and where he belongs
But that didn’t change the way he sang his songs
The element of leadership that makes him unique
The heart of lightning is never too weak

She was lonely, with no one by her side
But that doesn’t stop her from changing the tide
The element of fearlessness that makes her beautiful
The heart of love will always be stable

He was desperate, trying to please his dad and get the claim of light
But he possesses powers greater than any known, his future is bright
The element of humbleness that makes him respectable
The heart of power is always affectable

She was said to be a daughter of the devil and evil to the core
But that doesn’t help the fact that she is a girl with a perfect score
The element of kindness that makes her powerful
The heart of gold is forever dutiful

He was scarred by the events of early life, shattering him like a heart of glass
But that doesn’t stop him from being brilliant and filled with sass
The element of passion that makes him bold
The heart of fire burns away the pain, and miracles unfold

Author Notes: I think this is another one of my best poems... Comment what you think this is describing and rate this!

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-- The Huntress --
About This Story
11 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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