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Heartbeat of Life

Heartbeat of Life

By Sumeet1995

The flames increased as i tried to reach the door. I saw them coming towards me as if people trying to grab a hold of me. Like they wanted to eat me alive. Engolf me in their misery. I stepped back and than i felt something behind me. I gturned around I felt myself go into shock as i looked at what was in front of me. All that use to be there was covered in flames. Everything was out of control and than suddenly i spotted a piece of wood. It was big enough to push down the wall. I knew i wasnt strong enough but, i had to try. I took the piece of wood and jabbed it at the window. It started to move and than once i knew i could do it i kept jabbing. And finally, when i saw the window fall off i quickly skipped to it. I looked out and i saw a net was made below. No one could enter the building so it had been all up to me and i had did it. I felt so happy to have made it back alive. And than i heard something very strange from behind me. I looked around and than right beneath the burning table on the oppisite side of the room layed a little girl. She was looking at me. I never saw her before and it came to me that maybe she had fainted. Well there she was looking at me and at that moment god tested me. I had to choose between myself and that beautiful baby girl. Was i willing to give it all up? I looked over the window and before i could change my mind i quickly ran to the other side of the room and as fast as i could knocked down the table and grabbed the girl. I felt her tense and through her chest i could hear her beautiful little heart. The way it was pumping life into her. How it kept her alive. I had to help her get out. I just knew that i had to. The path to the window was all engulfed in flames already so there was no point to go back. I ran with the girl till i found what i was looking for. There was the other window. As i expected it was also covered in flames but, it was more safe than the other window. I took a step to the window and heard it crack. Something told me this building was just about to give out and we would both go down if i did nothing. I made a quick leap to the window. I tried to push it up and it wouldnt move. I frantically scanned the room until i spotted a knife. It was small but, it would work. I grabbed it and started to pick the window. I knew that the building was just about to cave in any second. But, as i thought all i kept hearing was her little heart. The thing i had to keep alive. The window thankfully opened and i looked down and the net was still there. She would be safe. When i put her over the edge she got scared and i felt her pull back in. I looked her and all i did was look. In my eyes all i said was you could do it. You can jump dont worry about me. I couldnt speak beacuse i had cut my back when i had grabbed her. I didnt want to scare her but i felt every ounce of myself leave. I felt her close her eyes and than i let her go and i saw her go down to the net as a angel. I saw her look up and scream for me and i pulled myself back over the edge. I looked around and suddenly everything fell. I collapsed. I felt the wood pierce my body as if i was made out of rubber. I closed my eyes and all i could hear was that heart and i neevr heard anything except it.

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About This Story
9 Jun, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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