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It was a cool, windy day in the streets of London . It was neither freezing cold nor boiling hot. People were out and about enjoying what could be the perfect weather in a long time. A young teenaged girl was living in London . Her name was Alesha Robinson. Alesha was known in the city for being a feisty young lady and had a tendency of always showing off her future plans to people that always underestimated her. She claimed that she was going to do everything from launching her own business empire to travelling around the world to owning a mansion. But there was one thing she promised herself she will never ever do. She was never going to get married.

“But why?” exclaimed her best friend Monica shockingly. “What’s wrong with getting married?!” also questioned by Monica. “Everything” replied Alesha in a firm way. “Many marriages end in divorce any not to mention what happened to my parents. Since then marriage has been out of the question, I am going to be an independent woman.” There was a silence. An awkward silence.  Alesha clearly had a difficult life. Both her parents had been constantly arguing every single day. It got to the point where her father abused her mother eventually leading to their divorce- perhaps this is the reason why Alesha did not want to get married. She did not want to go through the same thing her mother did. The trauma she faced when seeing her mother all helpless put her off from being in future relationships.

Later that day when she was going out with Monica, she noticed something weird about Monica. She was fidgeting a lot.   She looked as if she was bursting with news. Alesha felt suspicious. “Why are you acting weird for?” It was clear she couldn’t contain her excitement. It was obvious by her facial expressions that she was ecstatic...

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15 May, 2019
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