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By luvbub_xox

The horror and fear I saw in their eyes was enough to tell me that disaster was coming. The soldiers in uniform had the bombs and all our wounded soldiers were taken away from the battle. I was never into violence but something inside of me told me to come to this war. I looked around at all of the disaster that had been done. I saw some survivors slowly limping away from the explosions but was later killed with more gunshots and being blown to smithereens. There were times where everyone would stop and wait for the next signal to fire. I had heavy tears of pain in my eyes. Is this war ever going to end?
Days passed with so many deaths and people being shot down from the streets. I looked around to see so many families being torn apart- as husbands and dads were taken into the terrible horror of war. I wanted to stop all this mess but I couldn’t-I hated it. I saw someone running up to me it was my dad and my brother they both came up to me followed by mum with tear running down her worried face. Dad came up to me and hugged me so tight that I couldn’t breathe. My brother didn’t even have to tell me where they were going. I shook my head at them with tears streaming down my face and theirs. They looked at me and ran off with a bunch of other soldiers.-I never got the chance to say goodbye. “No wait” I screamed after them. They were gone.
Mum ran up to me but I pushed her away. There was so much happening at once. I couldn’t take this all in. I ran off into a dark, cold alleyway. Even from a far distance I could still hear the screams and explosions so clearly. It bought cold shivers down my spine. I didn’t know how long I was sitting there for but I heard distant footsteps followed by yells. I couldn’t understand what they were saying because of the gunshots but suddenly all the explosions stopped and I could realize what they were saying. I couldn’t understand them but I knew they were serious just by hearing their voice tone. I looked around for somewhere I could hide. There was nowhere. I could hear them coming closer. I was shaking like crazy. All of a sudden I saw two shadows getting bigger and bigger.
I looked around hopelessly until I saw an old cardboard box, it looked tattered. I ran up to it and peered inside. It was empty, besides a few dirty rags. I jumped straight inside and closed the flaps. I turned my head to a small tear in the side of the box. I could see out of it, so I listened.
I strained my ears to hear if they were in the alley, they were. They kept speaking with each other and I then knew right from the ascent that they were French. They spoke some more then it was silent, I thought. I could barely hear their footsteps anymore so I thought to get out. I moved just the slightest and was grabbed and pulled out of the box. The brightness of the light blinded my eyes. I squinted to try to make out the figures. “Timothy” said a woman’s voice; I knew that it was mum. At first I thought the Frenchman had captured her too, but I later realized that they were on our side, fighting with us.
I kicked my way out of the soldiers grip and ran off, only this time I allowed mum to follow. “Timothy slow down” she called from a far distance behind me. I was running, away.

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About This Story
4 Jun, 2010
Read Time
3 mins
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