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By Roosie131

Morgan looked around the cloudy, foggy area. Morgan took one step and she fell off a cloud. But instead of falling onto earth, she came to a long room with a man facing the wall.
"Hullo?" Morgan called.
The man turned around. His face was so familiar. "Hello, Morg."
"How do you know my name?" Morgan asked. She took a step back, and reached for the door. It was gone now.
"Well duh I know your name! I named you!" the man laughed.
Morgan thought for a minute. "Daddy?"
He ran for her. "Yes, I'm here!"
Morgan started crying and threw herself to him. She breathed in his cologn. "I missed you Daddy."
"I missed you too," he replied softly.
"Where am I?" Morgan asked, releasing herself. "Daddy, I'm scared."
"You're in Heaven, darling. Don't be scared. This is a safe place. Nothing goes wrong here," her dad assured.
A tear came out of her eye. "Why am I here?"
His face broke into millions of pieces. "Honey, you got into a car crash with your mom and little brother. You-" he stopped. He grabbed her and hugged her.
"Where's Mommy and Seth?" Morgan wondered. She grabbed his hand.
"Honey...your mommy and Seth are still alive. They made it," he muttered.
Morgan started crying. "That's not fair! I wanna live!"
He started walking. "Come on, I want to show you around."
They walked into a bright colored room. Her father walked up to the desk and started talking to the lady. Morgan sat down and looked at all of the other kids. They were all dead, too.
"Hello," a boy said, sitting next to her. "I'm Connor."
"I'm Morgan," she replied.
"Come on, Morg," her dad called.
"Bye, Connor!" she yelled, flying off the seat and ramming into her dad.
Her dad opened a door (out of like, a thousand other doors) and led her into a town. It looked just like her town! He kept walking and they stopped at a series of restraunts. Then he showed her the museum, the park, the High Rolllers, and then they got into her neighborhood.
"Daddy, since this is just like our town, can't Mommy and Seth be here?" Morgan pleaded
"I don't make that decision," he says back. They get into their house and her dog Jupiter greets them.
"Daddy! Jupiter died too?" Morgan grabbed Jupiter and squeezed him. He was too big to hold, but she could hug him just fine.
"He was in the car crash too," her father replied.
Morgan ran up the stairs and got into her room. It was the same as her room! All of her toys were there, all of her books, even her clothes! Her bed was in the same spot, and her rug was too! She looked for Seth's room. It was suddenly gone. She walked into her parents' room and say that it wasn't a big bed. It was only for one person. It didn't say Wendy and Mike on a poster in the room, it just said Mike. She got back into her room and threw herself into the pillows and cried. She reached for her stuffed, raggedy bunny Mr. Winkle. He was gone.
Her father bolted up the stairs and ran into her room. "What's wrong?"
"Where's Mr. Winkle?" Morgan asked harshly. She crossed her arms.
"You brought him in the car with you. He was so ripped up, they had to get rid of him. He didn't make it to Heaven," her dad confessed.
"Oh, but Mommy gave it to me! That's all I have left of her!" she shouts.


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About This Story
25 Mar, 2012
Read Time
3 mins
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