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Heaven can wait ch 1

Heaven can wait ch 1

By resie


A girl sits at the edge of heaven starring down at a blue and white marble. The blue and white marble use to be her home. She tries to recollect her memories of when she was once there. Sometimes the images fade in and out of her head like a flicking light bulb. And at other times, they shoot through her head like a locomotive train. But this locomotive train wasn't making no stops at the station. Making it impossible for her to board the train.

The girl has black midnight color hair that comes to her shoulder blades. She has the skinny physique of a junior varsity high-school basketball player. Her eyes are the color of a brown fall leafs falling from a oak tree. She has on a blue long dress reaching her bare expose feet. She sits at edge of heaven swinging her right leg back and fourth as if she is sitting on the arm of huge tree. She closes her eyes and begins to concentrate on earth.

"Hey ,hey, Kite, what are you doing?" A soothing voice says from the distance.

Kite never hears the voice due to her concentration on earth.

"Hello! Kite, what are you doing?" The soothing voice asks again.

Kite continues her concentration until she feels a grasp on her shoulder. Kite disappears into thin air and then reappears behind who grasp her shoulder. Kite wraps her arms around the soothing voice neck. Trying stop her from breathing. But, she's already dead, so stopping her from breathing is pointless. Before Kite could say anything the soothing voice grabs Kite with her arms. The arms held her about eight meters in the air. But these weren't no ordinary arms. These arms were spirit arms. The soothing voice has six of them sticking out from behind her back leaking a silvery goo like substance.

"Haha, you're getting strong Sandy." Kite says to Sandy while still high in the air.

"I know." Sandy replies back smiling and putting her regular arms over each other.

"But, I'm still stronger, Sandy." Kite says as she disappears from Sandy spirit arms and reappears on top of her shoulders giggling.

"What, get off my shoulders, Kite." Sandy says trying to wiggle Kite off her shoulders.

"I'm ok right here. Plus, I get a better view of earth from here. Like I'm on a ferries wheel that's stuck at the very top." Kite says while on top of Sandy shoulders.

Kite disappears off Sandy's shoulders and then reappears beside Sandy. Sandy has brown hair with a few strings of them being a golden color mix in with the brown. Her hair comes to her earlobe and the left part of her hair is shorter than the right part. She has the physique of of middle school girl but has the mindset of grown women. Her eyes are same color as Kite but with a hint of golden brown in them that gleams in darkness. She has on on brown three button belly shirt showing her flat stomach exposing her four abs. She has on white long dress reaching her wiggling toes.

"Hey, Sandy, if you had chance to go back to earth, would you?" Kite says looking at earth then at Sandy.

"Hmm?" Well, I would, but our home is here now Kite." Yes, we did live on earth once, but you know what happen after that." Sandy says looking down at earth smiling.

"Do you know how you die.." Before could Kite could finish a huge horn rang throughout heaven.

"I hate that horn." Kite says aloud.

"Shhh. Don't say that Kite." Sandy said giggling, smiling, and pushing Kite with her spirit arms.

The girls take a brief moment and examines earth beauty before Sandy asks.

"Hey, Kite, what's a ferries wheel?" Sandy ask Kite like a curious little kid.

Kite looks at Sandy and sighs. Kite puts her hand on Sandy shoulder and they both disappear leaving behind a blue like smoke.

The two girls reappears before millions of people in a squatting position with their head held low to the ground. There is a huge like mansion before the two girls and people surrounding it . To the left and right are walls with arch angles standing on them with horns, swords, axes, and claymores in there boulder like hands. The horn was blown one more time and the people who were squatting raise their heads high up. The two girls tries to sneak into the crowd of praying people.

"See Kite, we're late because of you." Sandy says as she sneaks around people.

"Haha, sorry, you know how I get about earth's beautiful aura emitting from it." Kite replies back following behind Sandy.

An angel appears over the head of the two girls following them through the crowd of people. The angel has the appearance of a man, but the beauty of elegant women.

"What are you two doing." The curious angel says to the two creeping girls.

The two girls stops, turns around and saw nothing. So they continue on with their creeping through the people. The angel looks in disbelief as the two girls continue creep their way through the praying people.

"Hey, up here you two!" The angel says in a loud voice scaring the girls.

The two girls jumps and looks up. They saw an angel slowly makes his way to the ground.

"You two again. Y'all are always late for prayer. Why is that?" The angelic being ask.

The two girls tighten their lips and says nothing until.

"It was her fault. She always looking at earth and spacing out." Kite says selling her friend out to the angel with a faint smile on her face.

"Huh? Me? No it wasn't, it was you." You're the one who stay sitting at the edge of heaven and spacing out." A confuse Sandy says back to a faint smiling Kite.

The angel looks in disbelief at two girls who's late for prayer in their Father's home. He looks at them.

"OK, since no one wants tell the truth. Prayer school for both of y'all." The angel says in a serious voice.

"What!" Both the girls said at the same time.

"The decision is final." The angel said as he give both the girls a serious look and then flies away.

Both the girls looks at the angel fly away and now they both have to attend Prayer school for being late for prayer.

"Hehe, sorry Sandy, I just didn't want to be in there by myself." A snickering Kite says to Sandy with her eyes close

"Awww, I just went to Prayer school too." A complaining Sandy says to Kite while holding her head back.

"Well, we're best-friends and bestfri....." Before Kite could finish something feels funny around her.

She opens her eyes and notice she's off the ground and floating. She looks down and saw Sandy spirit arms holding her up in the air.

"Hehe, see you later, Sandy." As she waves goodbye to Sandy and disappears leaving behind a blue like smoke substance once again.

She reappears before heaven's edge and saw an angel sitting at the edge also.

"Huh? Who is that?" A confuse Kite thought to herself.

She slowly walks over to the angel who was sitting in her seat. From the back the angel has on silver armor that exposes his tan color rip arm muscles. He has long blonde hair the the same length as Kite and is holding something on his lap that Kite can't see.
She finally make it to the edge of heaven. She is standing a few inches behind the angel.

"Beautiful isn't she?" The angel ask while looking at earth.

Kite thinks he's talking about her and she begins to blush. She collects her thoughts and realize he's talking about earth.

"Oh yes, very beautiful. Every-time I look at her; I get homesick. Only if I had one more chance. No, one more life on earth; I would be the happiest girl ever." Kite said looking at the angel, then earth, and then sighs.

"Well, we're going have to change that then." The angel said to Kite as he gets up and glimpses into Kite eyes with his deep blue sea color eyes. His face is the face of every women dream guy and that much more. The angel has a heart instrument in his right hand.

"You like music?" Kite asks the handsome angel.

"Yes, I love it. Music can make you feel unimaginable things. It can make you feel loved without being loved. Only thing it takes is heart." The angel says in a beautiful voice.

Kite gets lost in the angel words and has nothing to replied back about. The angel gives Kite a little smile.

"So, you want to return to earth young one?" A curious angel said to Kite.

"Yes, but that's impossible." She replied back and gives a glimpse at earth and then back at the angel.

"I can make it possible dear child."

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13 Jan, 2013
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7 mins
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