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Heaven can wait ch 2

Heaven can wait ch 2

By resie


"Possible, but how?" Kite said without breaking eye contact with the angel.

"All ask in return if you help me with a problem I have on earth, young one." The angel said waving his hand towards earth.

"Problem? And what is this problem? " Kite said wondering in her head but said aloud to the angel.

"In all due time young one. So, are you ready? Once I leave here there's no coming back for me. Excuse me. Us." The angel said correcting himself.

Kite walks pass the angel. Looks at earth once more. She slides her finger through her dark tar color hair.

"Kite." A soothing voice says.

Kite turns to see Sandy a few feet behind her.

"Where were you? You never came to prayer."

Kite turns back and looks at earth. Sandy eyes glances at the angelic being. Sandy has been in heaven a long time and has never seen that angel before.

"Sandy, I'm leaving." Kite said looking at earth and then at Sandy.

"I can't do it no more Sandy. Why, why does it have to be when we die we go to heaven or hell. Why can't we just stay on earth, but get another body when we die. I want to know how died. I want to know when I died. I want to know what I died for. Was I a good person or bad person and ask for forgiveness for my sins. Did I have children when I was there. But, I can't remember because Father took away my memories in a heartbeat" Kite said explaining her situation to Sandy.

"I can give you all of this. That is, if you still want it. But, I can't give it to you on this plain." The angelic being whisper to Kite.

"He has his reasons. I want to remember my past also, Kite. But, I'm not willing to do what you're going to do. Yes, earth was our home when we were alive. Now we're here. In a bigger and better home. You don't have to worry about death, sickness, looks, personality, size, shape, physique of someone. None of that matters here because we're perfect. Just like Father promise to us. We're made in his image. We pray to the people of earth so that they also can feel this love that we have in our new home. A loving home is a happy home, Kite" Sandy preach to a Kite and the angel.

"Don't make me laugh." The angel said changing his charming voice to a deeper voice.

The two girls look at angel in disbelief at what he said.

"Why does y'all father let the people of earth kill each over meaningless things. Humans kill and murder their own kind over meaningless things. Even animals don't do that. And they have no spirit. I don't know how long you been here, but earth has change. You'll be shock at what you see down there now." The angel announce to both girls.

"You humans constantly judge each other. I didn't know every human down there was God."
The angel said charging his index finger towards earth.

Kite looks upon the angel and then earth.

"Has things really gotten that worst down there?" A curious Kite ask.

The angel looks at Kite, then at Sandy.

"Only one way to find out." The angel said as he disconnects from Sandy eyes and then steps towards the edge of heaven.

"What is your name angel?" A confuse Sandy ask the angel.

The angel turns his face to the right touching his shoulder a little.

"I go by many names." But, my Father named me Lucifer." Lucifer told to a curious Sandy.

Both the girls heart kick at their chest after hearing that name.

"Kite! Get away from him, he's a liar, he's trying to trick you." Sandy yelled rushing towards them exposing her spirit arms.

Sandy charges at Lucifer first knowing she's know match for him. She just wants to get Kite away from him because she has been manipulated by his treachery of words. She slings and swings her spirit arms at Lucifer. But he dodges every punch aiming to take his head off his shoulders. The instrument Lucifer is holding turns into a drenching black double edge sword with death grasping the grip of it.

"You're bless by my father which means that I can not touch you. But, she can." Lucifer says as he drops down behind Kite facing forward and Kite looking at Sandy and her spirit arms.

"Kite get away from him. He's a liar. He just wants you fall like he did." Sandy yells to a stunned Kite.

"Kite, if we stay here to long arcs will come. If they see you siding with me they'll tell Father of this and he'll erase you from existence. He already erase your memories of life on earth. What makes you think he won't do that." Lucifer said pleading with a confuse Kite.

"You take my sword and attack her she'll know what pain feels like once again." Lucifer said aiming the grip of the sword towards the palm of Kite hand.

Kite eyes connects with Sandy's, then at earth, then back at Sandy. She looks down for brief moment. Then her hand tightens around the grip of Lucifer's sword. A sinister looking smile of enjoyment crawls across Lucifer face.

"Kite come on so we can inform the arcs about his presence. Kite...come....on." Sandy said pausing a few times. She saw as Kite raises and point a stinging edge sword at her.

"Kite. Kit, you can't." She says in a lower voice.


"I'm sorry, Sandy. But never stand in the way of someones dream who do not want to be woken up. Because when they do, they'll forget. Just like Father did with my life on earth. Now I'm about turn his life into a nightmare. And a nightmare is something people hardly forget." A spoken Sandy drips words of sin from her mouth.

Sandy closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them after a moment. She thinks she's in a nightmare herself and just wants to wake up. But, her nightmare is all to real and is trying to kill her. Lucifer was loving all of this pain and suffering he was putting these two girls through.

"You're not leaving heaven Kite. If I have to strangle you and beat some common sense into you with my real arms, so be it. But you're not leaving heaven." Sandy tells Kite as her arms get longer in length and thicker.

Sandy charges towards Kite with her spirit arms behind her back. She holds her hand out out and a pointed edge spear appears into her hands. There is white feather tied around the base of the spear edge just before the tip of it. The grip part of the blade has been dip with a high color white paint that give's off a strong shining sensation.

Kite eyes widen as she saw the spear that Sandy was holding charging towards her heart. But it would be pointless in harming Kite. She wouldn't feel no pain from that spear. However, Sandy will feel pain from the double edge sword Kite threaten her with.

Kite gets ready to disappear into heaven space until a arch angel drop down between the two rivals. The arch angel hands dug into heaven smooth surface sending veins through it. She stands with her chest press out with a perfect posture. Her right hand grasps at Sandy spear nearly breaking into pieces just as it was about to enter Kite skin. She looks at Sandy letting her know she'll take over from here.

She has on chest armor similar to Lucifer and has brown color skin attach to her bones. Her eyes has a high color white paint painted on the wall of them. While the pupil has a strong brown color spilling from them.

"My, my, my it has been a long time hasn't it Micheal." Lucifer says as steps in front of Kite and bow before Micheal powerful aura surrounding Sandy.

Micheal looks at Kite with sad eyes. She knows of why she joined Lucifer. But, has no power to stop her.

"The girl is coming with me Micheal." Lucifer tells Micheal as his eyes change from blue to a firey red.

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20 Jan, 2013
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