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Helios: Episode 1#

Helios: Episode 1#

By Gage6g

                                Nobody was ready for the war. I wasn’t ready for the departure. My wife Sarah was killed by two infected right before the walls were finished. She was only thirty-two then. I was left to raise our son, Ashton, alone. He’s twelve now. The war isn’t over. That much is for sure. Not much is nowadays. The Helios company released new strains of the virus which have skyrocketed in the past ten years. Now we have tanks to use, but they don’t help much. The infected come in a variety. Sprayers, which shoot the deadly strain through a liquid substance from their naval cavity. Runners, which are faster than a cheetah. Bouncers, which leap in the air. Crushers, which grow to an abnormal size until their flesh tears, when they become Busters. Then there are the Whispers. They are female infected that are still able to talk to you, and are often mistaken for humans. They are my least favorite. Not that I like any of them though.
                                                “Sit down.” Bash yells to Ashton right before I walk in the room.
                                                “Bash what’s wrong?” I asks confused.
                                                “Your brat kid won’t shut up long enough for me to finish a sentence.” He yells. I turn and glare at my son.
                                                “Bash you are relieved of your position. If you aren’t out of the community by noon we will drop you off at Helios Headquarters.” I say grimly.
                                                “You wouldn’t.” Bash says angrily. To the children’s entertainment I shoot him in the ankle and drag him from the room. Then I tell the children that the bullet was just a blunt bullet and that Bash would live.
                                                “Thanks dad.” Ash says as I sit next to him. 
                                                "No problem son, but the next time you make me shoot someone for bullying you you're grounded." I say angrily. He gives me a thumbs up and we embrace. Then I put my hand on his shoulder and we head into the darkness of the alleyway. Hark approaches me and I wave at him. He grins and flashes his new hunting knife at us. I step back and pull out my pistol. 
                                                 "The election was cheated. I should be leader." he says looking at my weapon. 
                                                "All is fair in war," I say reciting quotes. 
                                                 "Then I hope you enjoy death." he says running towards me. Then Ash pulls out his pistol and shoots Hark in the leg. I scold him and then have him help me get Hark to the infirmary. Then I head to my office and drop Ash off at the house. It's not easy being the leader of the worlds last city. 

Author Notes: This is my first ever story.....

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About This Story
7 May, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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