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Hellacious Demons
Hellacious Demons

Hellacious Demons

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Everyone has their demons, but not all of them can control it. A long time ago there was a kid named Dameon, he was a shy kid with the devil inside him. You see he wasn't you're average baby, and he lived a terrifying life. He lived a life of chaos and destruction.

Dameon was a poor boy with a stepfather who was always drunk and a sickly mother. No matter their financial troubles they gave him what he wished for. One day when he returned home from school something happened, something very strange. It could be heard across town the sirens were so loud.

The sirens brought tears to his eyes as he ran towards his home. When he reached the alleyway behind his house he couldn't believe his eyes, his parents had being apprehended. They argued often with his step dad always drunk, but this one stuck with him.

“I should have killed him years ago,” his step father yelled, “ the devil is inside him I tell you. He's the devil's boy.”

“You won't dare lay a finger on my boy,” she screamed back.

“He is no boy.”

“ He is my flesh and blood you monster.”

“I'm trying to save this place from the devil's boy. He doesn't belong here, and he never will.”

They were taken away by the guards. That night Dameon never returned home. Caught up in his own mind he walked deep into the forest thinking back on what his step father said. He sat next to a tree, sounds of nature filled the air, and surrounded the boy drifting asleep.

“My boy I finally get to see you again,” a voice said.

“Who are you,” Dameon asked.

“I'm your father, your real father. Don’t you recognize me?”

“So he was right I'm the devil's boy.”

“Finally someone gets it. I thought you’d never understand.”

“ But I don't understand.”

“You're my son now get over it!”

Dameon woke up with a start after everything. Slowly, he got up only to see the forest he once entered burning down. The forest ground was a really dark purple tainted with death. Everywhere he stepped a trail of it followed. When he got to the river, and looked at himself tears filled his eyes

Looking back at him wasn't a boy at all. Oh no it was much more than that. It had dark purple horns on its head, blue flame on his tail, and a crest on his chest. At that moment his heart started pounding a hundred miles a minute.

Watching from his bloody coldren, the devil just laughed with generosity. He spoke to the boy. The words where soft, and the boy could never forget even if he were to forget his past he would remember.

“My boy,” he spoke, “ this is a gift my boy.. The potential inside you is greater than ever known. Come visit your father when you've finished working there. Make me proud! I will be waiting, waiting for you.”

Dameon was confused on what he saw, but the one thing he didn't know until then was true fear. He was sheltered from the world and his father, so he never actually knew the feeling. It was like the whole Galaxy had turned upside down. From then on, due to his appearance, he lived in the forest.

Author Notes: I originally wrote this for a bet, but since I won the bet I figured I should post this so it's not a waist of a story. This book isn't done, but there is a lot more where this came from. I hope you all enjoy and sometimes the Genre and other things will change depending on what happens in that part of the story. Now I've made you read enough please be sure to give me lots of honest feedback I don't mind good or bad.

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9 Jun, 2019
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2 mins
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