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May 7th Afternoon

One day there is a new girl that appears at the Western Highschool, where her new life will begin. She gets ready for the day and rushes out the door and gets on her bike to ride to the school. When she got to the school, she parked her bike by the rails where all the other bikes were parked at, she stared at the outside part of the school. She slowly makes her way up the steps and into the school. There stands the principle ready to show her around, and ready to show her to her classes. Here is how her classes went:

Luna-Classes/Periods- Grade 9

Per 1. Science-Mrs.Duff

Per 2. English-Mrs.Helpingham

Per 3. Math-Mr.Sheldon

Per 4. Social Studies-Mr.Stan

Per 5. Studyhall

Per 6. College and Careers-Mr.Granger

Per 7. P.E./Health-Mr.Little

The principle Mrs.Countingman Showed Luna where her classes were and she saw a boy she liked even though she didn't know him. After her fourth period, she had lunch and she didn't know where to sit because she hadn't made any friends yet. She did not get any lunch food or even dare look at any of the food, she was so upset because she never made any friends yet. She thinks right when you go to a new school you should immediately make friends but it was harder than she thought. She found a table to sit at that had a few people at it. She looked around the lunch room to find her new crush was staring at her. She quickly looks away and sits at the 5th table down from her new crushes' table. She stares at the table, the few people that were sitting there staring at her.

One of the other kids said "What up new b, hope your not a wanna b", that's when she found out why people weren't sitting there. The boy she liked heard the comment the bully said to her so he walked over there and stood on the table Luna was sitting at. Luna still stared at the table and the bully called her a freak. She kept looking down at the table not caring what the bully had to say to her. The boy she had a crush on finally said: "STOP!, people are not here for you to pick on, she is new and needed a seat!" So the bully replied with "Then why didn't you let her sit at your table?! Luna looked up and stared at the two boys, she finally stood up and pulled her crush off the table and yelled at both of them. "I don't care what you have to say bully, and you I can handle this on my own." Her crush just stared at her, he looked upset after that and she told him she wanted to talk to him out in the hallway away from the lunch room. The bully stopped talking that lunch and Luna pulled her crush to the hall.

"Look your cool and a good guy it's just I don't want you to get in trouble for me." He look's down at his feet, Luna grabs his arm and say's "Thank you for the help, but you need to let me do this." he look's up at her and slowly takes her hand off his arm and tells her, "I'll let you take care of the bullies then, but I want you to sit at my table. I can't watch you just sit there and look upset."Why were you even looking at me?" Luna replied. "Because everyone looks at the new girls to examine their type, especially the boys. But I watched you because you sat at the table with the worst bullies."He replied. "Thanks for caring for me," Luna replied. "Your welcome, my name is Peter by the way."My name is Luna, it's nice to meet you, Peter."You too." He replied.

Author Notes: I will be making another one. Thank you for reading my story!

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14 May, 2018
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3 mins
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