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May 7th

Luna and Peter walked away from each other and went to the restroom. Luna got done before Peter and headed to class. The class was soon to begin and Peter had finally got done, he walked to his next class and figures out that Luna is in this class with him also. By the end of the day, they realized they have all the same classes together.

May 8th

Peter and Luna meet up in the hallway and talk to each other, they start to learn more about each other. Luna learns that Peters' mom had passed away when he was 6, and Luna told Peter how her dad died when she was 6. At first, it was weird and awkward on how they both died when they were six. "My dad has a girlfriend right now and they will soon be married," Peter told Luna. "My mom has been looking for a guy but can't seem to find the right kind of guy," Luna told Peter. Peter looked at Luna and he finally looked away and the bell rang, it was time for their next class. They sat together in all their classes, it's only Lunas' second day at school and she already has a good friend. After school, they went home on the bus together, when they arrived at their own houses they had texted each other. Peter asked her if she wanted to hang out with him, Luna told him yes. So Luna put on nice clothes and told her mom where she was going, Luna then sprinted at the door and went to Peters house. Peter looked nice in his black suit Luna was thinking to herself.

"What do you keep staring at, I know I looked bad but you don't have to point it out," Peter said to Luna. "Actually Peter, you look really nice," Luna said. "Thank you, Luna," Peter told her. Peter grabbed his bike and the extra bike for him and Luna, Peter took Luna somewhere that only Peter has gone to. It was by the Hollywood big letters, Luna hurried up and threw the bike down and ran over and looked at the view. "Wow, this is really nice, thank you for bringing me here," Luna told Peter. "Your welcome, I forgot to ask your age, Luna."

"Well Peter, in 16. What about you?"

"I'm 17."

"Then why didn't you drive us down here?"

"Because of him a basic guy."

"Well then why is this such a classy spot?"

"Because I thought you would enjoy it."

"I do Peter it's really nice"

"I hope so."

Peter grabs the blanket he put in the basket on his bike, he walks over to Luna and lays it down. Then he goes back over to his bike basket and grabs the other blanket and he sits down and puts it over him and Luna. Luna lay her head down on Peters' shoulder and kept looking out at the view of the city. Peter puts his arm around her to comfort her, then he continues to look over at the city also. A little later Luna falls asleep and Peter was still awake watching her sleep on his shoulder. After five minutes of watching her sleep, he slowly lays her down on the blanket under them so she was laying flat down. Peter slowly lies right next to her watching her sleep some more. After a few more minutes Peter falls asleep. The next morning Luna wakes up and watches Peter sleep, she sat up and looked at the view of the city in the morning, it was still pretty but not as pretty as it was when it was dark out. Peter wakes up and sits up he stands up, then he helps Luna up. He grabs the blankets and puts them back in his bike basket, he looks at his phone and realizes they only have 30 minutes until school starts. He tells her to get on the bike and they ride off. Luna leaves the bike she borrowed at Peters and Luna runs home, as she starts running home she yells at Peter "See you at school!." Peter goes inside his house and gets ready for school, Luna got ready and raced to school. She stood at the doorway of the school doors waiting for Peter to arrive. He finally arrives and they head to class. After school Peter drives Luna and himself home. When he dropped Luna off he told her he will see her tomorrow, Luna waved goodbye and he left and went home. Luna hears her phone ringing and there she answers the phone.


"Hello Luna." a deep and scary voice says

"Who is this, Peter is this you because it's not funny."

"No I'm not Peter, but I am your worst nightmare."

"What do you want?"

"I want to ruin your life, I'm going to be following you everywhere you go and make sure you get what you deserve."

"What did I do? I'm new here."

"I know your new, I already have some beef on you. Ima spread it to everyone in the school."

"I did not do anything wrong."

"Ohh but you did. I'll see you tomorrow. Be careful or you will give me more advantages."

"Please don't."

Peter then get's the same call but with his name and not Luna's. But Peter only listened he never spoke a word when the deep voice was talking. Peter didn't care what they had to say because he thought it was Luna messing with him, the next day comes and Luna waits at the school doors and waits on Peter. There Peter was and when Peter walked through the door he asked Luna if it was her and she told him that she got the same call. Peter and Luna stayed together and watched everyone around them and didn't see anyone following them. They both get a text at the same time and the text was from the deep-voiced person. It said ''Stop trying to look for me, I will always be in your blind spot so you can't see me." They look up at each other than look around them and continue talking. After school, they went home and saw that someone followed them to their houses. It was the bully that had bullied Luna the first day she went to school. So Luna and Peter had called the number back and they say his answer, Luna looks up and yells at him. He yells to Peter and Luna and tells them he will spread rumors that aren't even true if they don't do what he says. Peter went to his house and Luna went into her house, later that night Peter had hung the bully to his death. Peter then went back to his house and went to sleep. The next morning Peter picked up Luna and they passed cops they had seen and stopped. They got out of the car and yelled what happened? One of the cops told them it was a suicide. Peter gave the cop flowers to give to the bully in his grave.

Author Notes: I will be making another part to this story.

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17 May, 2018
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