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By MyBreath - 2 Reviews


I walk into the living room, Her face was pale her hair was a blood red like always but some parts looked even more red than normal, Her eyes were smiling, Her fingers where gone and blood was dripping slowly towards the floor. My stomach jolted and screamed at me I couldn't think, I couldn't Scream. Was she standing?

The police arrived

-Kid what happened?


- I, I heard a small scream but I thought is was fine because she was watching a horror movie. I come down to get a snack and I find her..

I look up it was a young man, looked about 20 years old. I looked to the side of him and she was on the ground her bright, soft, warming fingers were gone two sat alone near her

I hurled again, the fingers near her looked rigid like he/she cut them off with a bread knife. Or ate part of them.

He sees me looking and gets a sad,also with a confused look on his face.. And walks away he and another police man talked they decided I wasn’t the person the drop of blood was not hers. I found out that Zotia fought back and got a drop of the killers blood.

I started to cry..

I wake to a rooster cry, I don’t remember me having chickens.

-So your awake

The voice sounded so familiar something dark but young and light I try to lift my head to look, I saw him the police officer the young light skinned man looking over me. I was only 18.. Had he done something to me? Better yet did I do something?

-You had nowhere else to go so my boss said to take you to my place. Did you know you cry in your sleep?

-Why would you think I know that I cry in my sleep?


He was really starting to piss me off.. But I couldn’t move the mattress was to soft and comfortable. I needed to be comforted any way the mattress helps.

-I made eggs and pancakes..

-I’m sure you did, I don’t feel like getting up though

- get up please… I tried just for you

His face got closer and his face seemed to get softer. It made me feel like Zotia was staring at me..

-Stop looking at me like that..

-Like what

-Like that, stop

I shed a tear. His eyebrows curled up.

-Alright but my microwave doesn’t work so you better get down here.

GOD he’s so annoying. I pulled out of the bed my head spinning I decide to get dressed. I found a tee shirt and shorts, The shorts fit but the shirt was literally a dress on me

-Ugh why the hell did I think this would fit!

I went to do my hair but it was already perfectly braided, My eyes were puffy. Maybe I do cry in my sleep..

Author Notes: Should I make a second part? Let me know!

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11 Oct, 2019
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2 mins
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