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By Bbertie3

I think this is the first time I have ever really felt the depth your feelings can go when you find somebody you like that much. She is the sun to my solar system, the pupil to my eye, the needle in my haystack. Everything I want yet everything I know I can’t get. While she is the princess going through boys looking for somebody to be her prince, I am the farm boy down below in the country she is soon to rule. Her everything while I am nothing. It’s more than just beauty.

Yes, on the surface she is everything a boy could want, but you dig even a little deeper and you see she is so much more than just the pretty face that people judge you by every day. It's the first thing you see in someone and, whether you admit it or not, we first base our opinions around. But with everybody, the person tells a much different story. With her, she is the beautiful girl who seems confident but I know inside she isn’t. She knows that I think she is beautiful but nothing other than somebody’s own words will fully change a person’s mind.

She is so kind and yes, it is too kind for her own good. She would go back to the same person ten times even if they had hurt her, gave them all ‘one more’ chance when we all knew it would be as many until she would realise. She would make people laugh without trying and would put a smile on my face as soon as I saw her. She is the one who lights up the dark tunnel and who I wish could light up my life but I know I cannot have her as she deserves someone much better and kinder than me in her life.

Whether it take 2 or 20 guys she will find someone who will always be there for her when she needs it, give her hugs, treat her better than a queen, and make sure she will smile at the end of the stream of endless tears. The moon to my empty night sky and the person who has my heart. That is HER

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11 Mar, 2020
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