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No matter how much I try to please you, you ignore. I love, crave, and need your affection and love. Without it, I die slowly peice by peice. Even the smallest smirk from you makes my day. But, one day you stopped. One day you just dropped me like an unwanted peice of food. Like I suddenly had some kind of defect. It was sudden and sad, and I still don't understand why. Is it because of how I look? Am I ugly? Fat? Is my personality the reason? Am I too stubborn? Too clingy? Then again, here I am, wondering why and you've already moved on to her. I know you never thinking of me because you're always talking with her. Always hugging her. Sometimes, I wish I could just be her. If I was exactly like her would you hang with me instead? Or would I still be different. Sometimes I wonder if it's you and not me. Some days I think it was your fault we don't talk. A lot of the time I blame you because I can't understand what is so wrong with me that has caused this to happen. All of our conversations were one sided. Everything I said and did to try to keep you with me was futile. You kept pushing me away until there was nothing left of me near you. You kept metaphorically spitting in my face and telling me that I wasn't enough. Well, I guess my best isn't enough for you. It will be for someone and I hope you come to realize what you've lost.

Author Notes: Again, this is my friend's writing. Comment your reaction.

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5 Jun, 2019
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