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Her (Always) Lost Love

Her (Always) Lost Love

By Alicja

When Angelica woke up today the one thing she wasn't predicting was that she would fall asleep engaged. So when her boyfriend asked her to marry her it was the last thing she thought she would hear, but she happily said, 'Yes, I will.'

They last strongly even though he moved away, all the way across the world, for a couple of months. Then he asked her something every girl dreads to hear, 'Could I see other people and be with you?' She agreed, but knew something bad was stirring. She didn't like the fact he was seeing someone else, but she had a feeling that boys needed to have fun.

A couple of weeks after, she heard something which every girl dreads. 'Can we please call the engagement off and be single? I don't think this could work.' he said and she started crying, but said she was fine. She wanted to see him happy I guess.

But the truth was, he was just like all the other boys. The problem was she wasn't that serious with any other guy. I guess she will never find true love, will she.

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5 Dec, 2010
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