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Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt 5
Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt 5

Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt 5


"So you're how old?" Mindy asked, swallowing a bite of doughnut at washing it down with hot cocoa.
"Twenty two," Tom answered, taking a bite of his own. "And you are?"
It was a pleasant Saturday morning, and Tom and Mindy had agreed to get breakfast together. Mindy wasn't quiet sure what Tom thought about them dating yet, they hadn't really brought to their kiss.
"Twenty, my second year of college," Mindy answered, savoring the powdered doughnut as it practically melted in her mouth.
Tom nodded, not bothered but the age difference. Mindy didn't let it get to her head, but she knew that her older brother most definitely wouldn't have approved of Tom.
"So, um...." Mindy grasped for a question. "Why did you want to be a police officer?"
Tom smiled. "I wanted to be one since I was a boy, and that didn't really change. I have backup plans, too,"
Mindy considered questioning what his backup plans were, but left if unspoken.
"What are you wanting to be?" Tom asked suddenly.
Mindy half smiled, nervous that the spotlight was on her. Gulping, she played with her hair.
"An artist or a writer,"
Tom's eyes lit up. "That's great!" He cleared his throat. "Sorry, I just like the arts. People don't appreciate them much anymore,"
Mindy nodded, feeling like a connection was forming. "I know, right!"
Laughing, Tom took another bite out of his doughnut. Mindy smiled and brought her cup to her lips. Maybe this would work out after all.


"I'm sorry, professor, I've got it all done," Mindy said earnestly. "I caught a minor cold and thought it would best to be safe,"
There was a sigh on the other end. "Mindy, you seem to be distracted lately,"
Mindy's heart galloped. How had the professor known? Was it that easy? Mindy's mind raced through her head, finding all of he possible outcomes.
"Yes, professor?"
"I asked you a question. Can you or can you not stay focused in class?"
Mindy's shoulders started to settle down. "I can, I promise,"
"Okay, thank you,"
Mindy hung up the phone, relieved. Her brain started criticizing her. *He wouldn't have found out, and if he did he wouldn't have anything bad to say about it, you've done nothing wrong.*
Mindy sighed and plopped back onto the couch. Relieving her stressful mind was something she found very hard to do, especially when something changed.
There was a knock at the door, stopping Mindy's heart and revving her mind up again. Mumbling to herself to stop doing that, she got up and straightened her hair into a messy ponytail. She unlocked and opened the door, trying for a smile.
The smile grew when she saw who was standing there. He had changed out of his uniform again, and was in light blue jeans and a gray teeshirt. Smiling, he ran his hand through his hair.
"Hey," he said awkwardly. "Can I come in?"
Mindy gulped nervously. "Sure,"
She opened the door wider for him, and he was revealed to the mess of a living room Mindy had. She made her way carefully to the couch, gathering a few sketches, and made a spot for Tom to sit.
"So, what's up?" Mindy asked nervously.
Tom smiled. "Just wanted to see you again," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I kind of thought that the date went pretty well a few days ago, and, well, wanted to ask you a question."
Now Mindy's heart was sprinting, banging against its rib-made cage with full force, trying without success to break through its prison. "What's the question?"
Tom seemed to swallow. "First, did you enjoy the date? Be honest, please,"
Mindy nodded, knowing that it was the full truth.
"Okay," Tom said, assuring himself. "Last one. Will you... um... well, want I want to ask is,"
"Yes," Mindy answered the unspoken question.
Tom looked relived. "You will?"
Mindy nodded again. Elation filled her stomach when Tom brought her in for a hug. She buried her face in his shoulder, feeling the warmth both comforting and strong.
"Thank you," Tom whispered.
Mindy sighed. "Thank you,"

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