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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 10)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 10)

By Kat - 1 Review

The days went slower after that.

Incredibly slow.

Tom was at work a lot more than before, which Mindy thought was impossible. They couldn't keep him for that long! Mindy wanted to spend time with him, too!

It's not like she had an attachment issue, it's just that Mindy wanted to see her friend every once in a while! No, not friend - boyfriend. It was a new word for Mindy, but she promised herself she would get used to it as quickly as possible.

The last time Mindy saw Tom, he was on the TV - blurred out. The only reason she knew it was him was because his curly blonde hair was visible from underneath his blue hat.

Tom had been searching the University with the rest of the police force for the past week, and Mindy was sick of him being pulled away from her. Classes were on pause, and Mindy had gone to ten different funerals - all of people she had barely known - in the past fourteen days.

Dealing with all the deaths was one thing, but remembering who they were was definitely messing with Mindy's brain. She remembered what they looked like, passing them in the halls, smiling every now and then, but Mindy felt terrible that she hadn't gotten to know them any better.

Mindy sat on her couch, feeling the same depression as she had the last month or so. She didn't have anyone to talk to. Her mom worked a nine-to-five job, and her time zone was different than Mindy's. Her father had left her when she was fourteen, and Mindy didn't have any communication links with him. Not like she wanted to talk to him.

That left Mindy to staring at the clock, pretending to read as she waited for Tom's shift to be done. She still had to wait another forty minutes. Plus the drive to her apartment, it all added up to about an hour.

Sighing, Mindy looked back down at her book. Oliver Twist. Mindy had loved the book ever since she picked it up a few years back. She had read it over at lease five times, and done two different book reports on it.

Mindy wasn't usually a fan of the classics, but Oliver Twist was one of those books that made her light up inside. She could never put it down.


A knock awoke Mindy. You did it again! Mindy screamed at herself.
Mindy rubbed an ache out of her neck as she put down her book, slightly unbalanced on her feet, and reached for the door.

Mindy glanced at the time, and her heart leaped. He's off his shift!
Forgetting her drowsiness, Mindy flung the door open, a wild grin spreading onto her face when she saw the figure standing in front of her.

"Tom!" Mindy exclaimed, throwing herself into his arms.

Tom embraced her, picking Mindy off her feet for a moment. Mindy pulled back from the embrace as soon as he let her down. Tom grinned down at her, his tired blue eyes lighting up.

"Hey, crazy!" He smiled, pecking Mindy on the cheek.

Mindy blushed, but gripped Tom's arms, caught in a half-hug. "I haven't seen you in forever! Is work that busy?"

Tom smiled more, stepping inside the apartment, but his smile was met by a grave expression as he remembered his job. "It's a mad-house. They still have no idea who caused the bombing. We're lucky only a few people were there,"

Mindy nodded, feeling the depression seeping in again. She led him to the couch, and plopped down next to him. Tom sat down, taking Mindy's hands.

"Have any plans tonight?" He asked suddenly.

Mindy rolled her eyes. "Me? Plans? Do you know who you're talking to?"

Tom grinned and playfully poked her in the side. "But do you?"

Mindy acted like she was thinking, playing it out dramatically. "It depends on why you're asking,"
It was Tom's turn to roll his eyes. "Good, you're free."

Mindy placed her hand over her heart. "That was insulting! I'm hurt,"

Tom leaned in teasingly. "I'll kiss it better,"

Mindy's heart jumped for a moment, but let Tom press his lips to her forehead. Stomach fluttering, Mindy stood.

"What do I wear?" She asked, not bothering to question where they were going.

"Jeans and a T-shirt," Tom responded, folding his hands in his lap.

She saw his eyes drift to her pajamas - which she had stayed in all Saturday. They had sparkles on the shirt, but the pants were so fuzzy, and she ended up buying them a year or so before.

Mindy smiled, turning for her bedroom. "Don't go anywhere," she teased, winking.

Mindy wasn't quite sure what she meant when she winked, but it felt natural, so she went with it.


Tom sat on the couch, his mind racing with the reasons she might've winked at him. Did she like me back? No. No, that can't be it. But yet again, you did ask her to be your girlfriend. She said yes. She has to like you back.

Tom shook off the thoughts when he saw Mindy. She was wearing tight boot-cut jeans and a black T-shirt, both showing off her curves, the shirt ending at a V-neck that exposed her collar bone.

Tom gulped as he watched her walk gracefully into the living room, slipping on her tennis shoes.

"Tom?" He snapped back to earth. "Tom, are you coming?"

Tom mentally shook himself, forcing him off the couch. He patted down his shirt, suddenly aware that it hadn't been washed in two days.

It isn't noticeable, a voice inside his mind told him. You're just being self-conscious. It happens to everyone.

Nodding to himself, Tom opened the door for Mindy. She smiled up at him and walked out the door, slipping her phone into her back pocket, drawing Tom's attention to her jeans.

No. Tom's mind told him. That's not how you normally think. She's just.... really pretty. And smart. And creative. Oh my gosh what am I thinking? Tom rolled his eyes at himself. You're thinking that the girl you are dating is a great girl. No, not great, spectacular-

"So, where are we going?" Mindy interrupted Tom's thoughts, saving him from himself.

Tom grinned evilly. "To dinner,"

Mindy nudged his arm with her elbow. "Is that all you're going to tell me?"

Tom smiled and nodded, pressing the button to the elevator.

"Hey, wasn't I supposed to pick the next date?" Mindy asked, eyes narrowing.

Tom rolled his eyes, patting Mindy's head. "You can pick the next two,"

Mindy looked up in shock. "You want to go on another date?"

Tom looked at her quizzically. "Why not? I thought it was going pretty good,"

Panic welled inside Tom, his brain buzzing. He mentally slapped himself. Of course a girl like her wouldn't have him as her first choice, but she didn't have to say it like that!

Mindy grinned up at Tom. Did that mean that she thought he was stupid? Did he do something wrong?

"I was thinking the same thing," she said.

Tom's heart sank before she realized that the conversation in his head was different than the conversation Mindy and him were having. She thought this was going well, too!

Tom's heart did a happy dance as Mindy leaned up against him in the elevator, shoulder to shoulder.

"Tom?" Mindy asked.

Tom turned to look at her. "Yeah?"

Mindy smiled at him. "I think I like you, but I'm not sure how to tell you."

Tom raised his eyebrows,
smirking. "You are a nerd. You practically took that quote from Divergent!"

Mindy blushed. "But it's true!"

Tom grinned. "I know, you are a nerd. Completely true."

Mindy rolled her eyes. "I mean - I like you,"

Tom's heart did another happy dance, and felt his mind join in.

"Well, miss Tyler, I like you too."

Mindy looked up from the elevator floor. "How'd you know my last name?"

Oh crap. She caught me. Tom's mind whirred for an excuse, but could only find the truth. Panicking, he let it out.

"I read you files because I wanted to know more about you, and I'm sorry, I probably sound like a stalker-"

Mindy interrupted with a small laugh. "I'm sorry, but that is awesome. Someone cares enough to go behind my back and research on me.... that's a first. At least, I'm pretty sure,"

Tom looked at his shoes, his mind scolding himself for letting it slip. "Man I sound like a stalker."

"No you don't! It was weirdly sweet," Mindy commented, taking Tom's hand.

Tom shrugged as they walked past the lobby of the apartment building. It wasn't the nicest building, but it wasn't shabby. And for Seattle, that was a pretty good sign.

Breathing in the city air, Tom griped Mindy's hand tighter.

Author Notes: Hey guys! Thanks for reading! Please review and rate! Thanks!!!

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