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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 11)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 11)

By Kat - 1 Review

"So.... How has work been?" Mindy asked.

Tom groaned loudly. "It's-"

Mindy watched in horror as a blurred figure smashed into Tom, setting him off balance. Mindy quickly let go of Tom's hand, afraid that she'd be pulled down, too. After gaining her breath, Mindy looked down at the jumble of limbs in front of her.

A muffled groan came from the heap, causing Mindy to look closer. There was Tom... or at least she thought it was. And then there was another man.... Holy smokes.

He was a lean, bronze figure, his muscles dominating his shirtless chest. From what Mindy could see, he had ruffled blonde hair. A skateboard was jabbing him in the side.

Mindy gained her voice. "A - are you okay?"

The man got off of Tom, back arching. Mindy tried not to blush as she took in his standing figure.

"I'm good," the man replied, his voice gruff.

He reached down to help Tom up, who was still splayed on the ground. "Ouch," Tom mumbled, sitting up.

Mindy reached out for Tom's other hand, and together her and the new man lifted him up. Cautiously, Mindy retreated back to Tom's side.

"Who are you?" Tom asked, rubbing the side of his head.

The man looked the both of them up and down, eyes resting on Mindy for a moment. Mindy blushed, pulling her hair off to one side. She averted her eyes from the form in front of her, afraid that Tom would catch her looking.

"I'm Bryan," the man - Bryan - replied, massaging his shoulder with his fingers. "You?"

Tom straightened out his tee-shirt and held out his hand. "Tom, and this is Mindy,"

Bryan gave a half smile, shaking Tom's outstretched hand. "Hey,"

Mindy looked back at Bryan, gathering her courage. "What brings you here?"

Bryan laughed, but it didn't sound full-hearted. Mindy raised her eyebrow. Something was bothering him.

"Just needed a place to think," he answered, scratching at the back of his neck. "It's happened a lot lately. I mean - not the running into people, but - you know,"

Mindy nodded. "What's on your mind," she quickly added. "If you don't mind me asking,"

Bryan let his hand drop from his head and picked up his skate board. "It's kind of a long story... My sister was at the University the morning it got attacked. It just hasn't been the same."

Mindy felt her heart drop. she had just been able to forget about the horrid news. It just kept on getting brought up.

"That's horrible!" Mindy exclaimed, frowning.

Bryan nodded. "We are - were - twins," he looked down at the ground. "Feels like a part of me is missing, you know?"

Tom nodded. "Sorry for your loss,"

Bryan gave a tight - and fake - smile. "It's all good. What're you two up to?"

"We were going out," Mindy said, giving a half smile.

Bryan had a strange, sad look in his eye. "Sorry to interrupt,"

Mindy shook her head. "No, it's fine,"

Tom nodded. He seemed to be a little tense. Mindy reached out for his hand, and saw his shoulders relax a bit. Mindy looked back up at Bryan, who was shifting uncomfortably.

"I gotta' go," he said, looking ahead of us.

Mindy nodded, getting a piece of paper our of her pocket and reaching behind her ear for her pencil - the one that was almost always behind her ear. "Here's my number,"

She scribbled it down, adding her name, and then looked up at Tom expectantly. Tom took the hint and wrote down his own, and handed it to Bryan.

"Call me any time," Mindy said, a bit of her sympathy showing through.

Bryan nodded and smiled - this one looking slightly more real.

"Thanks. Nice to see you!" he called over his shoulder, hopping back onto his skate board.

After a moment, Mindy squeezed Tom's hand. "We should get going,"

Tom nodded, squeezing Mindy's hand back. "Did you see he wasn't wearing a helmet?"

Mindy rolled her eyes.

Author Notes: Sorry this one was so short, but thanks for reading! Please comment and rate!

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