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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 14)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 14)

By Kat - 1 Review

The doctor came in slowly. He was looking grave, walking in a shuffle. He was the one that had given Mindy the checkup and the one who would be telling her what the results were - even though she already knew.

"Mindy?" he asked.

She stood from her chair in the waiting room, wondering if now was the time to tell Tom to stay put. But then he looked up, and Mindy's stomach flipped. He was nervous! Nervous about her!Sighing, She decided that it would be best if he came along.

Mindy motioned for him to follow her with her hand, and his eyes lit up slightly. Mindy playfully rolled hers, but her stomach was bubbling with anxiety. Was it true? Do I really have it?

Mindy knew that it depended on how long she'd have it. But she should've gone in earlier. Heck, people have died from this!

No, it couldn't be that serious. Maybe you thought you had it - but you don't! And then her serious voice came back on. You have all the symptoms. You spent hours researching. You know that you have this.

Sighing to herself, Mindy followed the shuffling doctor back into his office.

It was like any other doctor's office. There were white walls. The air smelled of hand sanitizer. The only pleasant looking thing in the room was Tom.

Did I seriously just say that? She asked herself. Yes. Yes I did. There is nothing bad about it, all you did was admit that your boyfriend was good-looking. Right?

Mindy nodded to herself, relaxing slightly on the weird bed-chair that took up half of the room. Mindy had never learned what it was called, but knew that it was green, ugly, and crinkled every time you so much as tapped your fingers.

Tom sat on the booth across from the doctor's desk. His fingers were tapping endlessly on his thigh, looking fiercely at the doctor.

The small, pudgy man shifted slightly, resting on his chair. "Technically we aren't usually allowed to tell you the results - but this is a different case. Mindy,"

He looked at me, and Mindy looked back, understanding. He glanced back to Tom, uncertain on what he was supposed to be doing.

Carefully, Mindy placed the ring on her right hand - the one from her father - onto her left hand. "He's my fiancé," she said confidently.

Tom looked up, surprised, and watched at Mindy showed the doctor her ring. "He asked me while we were surf boarding," she made up quickly, using her acting skills to make her seem lost in the moment. "It was very romantic. We are getting married next year,"

The doctor smile at her, reassured, and kept his gaze steady. He looked straight into her eyes, and Mindy knew that he bore bad news.

"I hate to be saying this," he started, drumming his fingers on the pad of the keyboard. "But sadly it's my job. Mindy, you have Pertussis. This is also commonly known as whooping cough."

Mindy nodded, knowing that this was what had been bothering her the last few days. Her mind whirred slightly, but she saw Tom's eyes flash.


He doctor looked at him, pity shining in his eyes. "The tears say that Mindy here - she has Pertussis. It is also called the one-hundred-day cough. She probably found the symptoms because she was interrupted by long coughing fits during the night, sore throat, and pain in the chest. She's told me that she had suspicion of the sickness for about three days, but she didn't say anything about it. It is great that Tom took you in, Mindy, or you could've developed another type of Pertussis that would've been very unlikely to recover from. We think that she will be able to fully recover, but it might be difficult."

"Might be difficult? You think she will recover?" Tom practically yelled.

"Tom," Mindy warned, locking eyes with him. "I will be fine. You need to have faith in me, okay? Please, Tom,"

Mindy watched him reluctantly nod, his hands grasping each other so tight his knuckles faded to a white color. Must smiled encouragingly at him, ignoring her sore and aching throat.

She felt the couch coming up, but ignored it and fought to keep it down as she listened to the doctor ramble off all of the things that she had already heard. She would have to stay a shot.

It wasn't that Mindy didn't trust doctors and their medicines, it was that she didn't trust needles. Or the fact that they were made to puncture your skin. And the fact that they hurt like heck.

Wincing, she felt the cough fight harder to come up. She continued to fight, hoping that it would just give up. But it came - and it came hard.

Mindy knew it was coming before she tasted the metallic spit. The blood trickled down her chin, and she heard Tom gasp. She wiped the red slobber from her face before Tom could make a big deal out of it.

"Tom, in fine," she rasped, throat aching.

"No you're not!" He stated. Thanks captain obvious. "She needs the antibiotics,"

He practically bossed the doctor around, and Mindy felt pretty bad for the squat, middle aged man. Tom was putting him through a lot. Mindy rested her hand on Tom's arm, squeezing slightly.

Tom focused on Mindy's eyes once the doctor had left to go get the medicines. The shots. Mindy swallowed as she looked into Tom's blue irises.

"Mindy...." his frown deepened.

"I know,"

He shook his head. Tom looked devastated. "Why didn't you go in before? You said that you already saw the symptoms,"

Mindy shrugged. "I thought it would just blow over,"

Tom's eyes widened. "It only passes when you have the antibiotics! You could've died!"

Mindy shook her head. "But I didn't."

Tom looked into Mindy's eyes, expression saddening. "Please,"


"Just take care of yourself. I care about you - and want you to be here so I can care about you."

Mindy felt a blush creep up her neck. He cared?


Tom nodded, taking Mindy's hands in his own. Mindy felt her blush deepen when she realized that her hands were still covered in slight blood - but if Tom realized he didn't care. That was what Mindy liked about him. He cared - but was laid back at the same time.

Tom pressed his lips carefully to Mindy's forehead, sending sparks of electricity throughout her, ending at the bottom of her spine. It sent adrenaline coursing through her, making her flesh heat up.

And then the door opened.

Author Notes: Hello! Thanks for reading this far! Love the support and help!

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