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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 13)
Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 13)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 13)

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Mindy laughed as Tom spun her in the street lamp's light. The dinner had been amazing, and they talked more than half of the time. Mindy had never tried to get herself 'out there,' but if this was what it was, she couldn't believe she hadn't before this.

Mindy continued to giggle as he twirled her, the old Eminem T - shirt of her's flowing around her loosely. She eventually dropped her hand from Tom's, placing hers on her knees. She panted, breath catching.

"You okay?" Tom asked, placing a hand on her back.

Mindy nodded, breathless. She hadn't told him about her asthma yet. She hadn't felt like she had to, but it seemed like it might be a good enough time soon enough. Panting, she felt her knees give out.

She plopped down on the sidewalk, tailbone protesting immediately. Tom watched her, concerned lines etched his brow as he crouched next to her. "I don't think that you are okay,"

Mindy nodded, her hand reaching to her pocket. She felt the wheezes coming before they started, and knew that an attack was coming. Her hands came up empty. No inhaler.

Mindy felt her heart race faster as her throat began to feel scratchier, aching as she forced herself to keep the coughs down.

"Inhaler," she wheezing, taking Tom's hand firmly.

Tom's eyes widened. "Oh my gosh! Where is it?"

Mindy took a deep breath. "Home,"

Tom nodded, eyes still wide. He picked Mindy off the ground with ease. Mindy forgot about the pain for a moment, relaxing inside Tom's arms.

Her asthma attacks were worse than most. She felt her chest aching, grasping for air. her throat began to contract, and she tried breathing deeply. All that came out were hard coughs and raspy breaths.

"Is it just asthma?" Tom asked, arms holding Mindy tightly to his body.

Mindy tried to talk, but found it unbearable. She shrugged, trying to tell him that she didn't know yet. He looked into her eyes, concern and fear clouding over this face. Mindy tried to tell him that she would be OK, but she wasn't able to form any words. She kept her eyes locked on his face.

His jaw was set in concentration, his mouth splayed in a straight line. He kept his eyes forward, the bright blue iris' turning a darker color. Mindy watched, confused, as she began to cough again, racking breaths shuddering up her spine.

"Mindy? Mindy, stay with me," he shook her shoulder slightly.

Mindy opened her eyes, not remembering how she had closed them. Looking up, she saw Tom. he was holding a pale - blue inhaler, his eyes filled with concern.

"I found it," he said, helping Mindy sit up. "Come on - you need to use it."

Mindy nodded, taking it from him. She puffed it two times, breathing in deeply. She felt the muscles in her shoulders relax when she realized that she had the inhaler. She would be okay.

"Thank you," she breathed once she had pulled it from her lips.

Tom didn't answer. He kept staring. Mindy scrunched her eyebrows together. Why was he looking at her like that?

"Mindy? You need to get a check up soon." he didn't say it like a question, or a suggestion. He said it like he was demanding it.

Mindy's heart thumped harder. "I'll be okay -"

"No," Tom interrupted. "You won't. You stopped breathing."

Mindy gulped. She had? Her mind raced, telling her of the last time that had happened. Shuddering, she looked back up to Tom. "I will get a check up. Soon," she added when he continued to stare at her firmly.

"I can take you in right now. Actually, no. I'm going to take you in right now." he decided without Mindy's perspective.

"Tom." she grabbed his forearm firmly. "I will be okay. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. I will get a checkup, but you need to let me do this on my own."

Tom looked at her with disbelief. "What?"

"I'm not going in right now." Mindy stated firmly.

"But-" Tom started, shaking his head.

"No." Mindy finished the argument firmly.

Tom sighed. "Com on, please? I will be right there for you,"

That was the thing Mindy was scared of. She couldn't have him there when she got checked up by them. If he did, her closest secrets would be exposed. And she couldn't stand the thought of that. Only her mother knew about it.

Mindy took a deep breath. "You can drop me off. But I'm not letting you come in,"

Tom looked at her quizzically. "What? Why?"

Mindy glared as hard as she could, her chest taking in uncomfortable breaths. "Because I said so."

Tom shook his head. still looking confused. "Can't you tell me why?"

"Didn't I just say no? I don't want you knowing right now," Mindy breathed out, frustrated.

Her breaths were becoming shallower. She should be resting. But his mind was made up, and Mindy doubted that she could change it without him finding out.

He glared at Mindy for a moment, telling her that he wouldn't back down. Mindy sighed. Tom was going to find out eventually, anyway. And she did need her condition confirmed.

"Fine! Just get me to the hospital." Mindy gave in reluctantly.

Author Notes: it might be one of my shorter ones, but usually the shorter ones are most important to the plot line.
Love y'all!
-KAT 😘

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