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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 19)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 19)

By Kat

Mindy woke up slowly. Painfully slow. There was a stinging sensation in her lower forearm. It hurt - bad.

And then there was the headache. It was so dull she could barely feel it, but that was the annoying part. She could barely feel it. It should either be there or not. She did not want a half-headache.

There was an annoying beeping noise that rung through her head, resonating through her mind over and over again. It grew slightly faster as she opened her eyes. She was looking at a white ceiling.

Her ceiling wasn't white.... and it didn't have those weird tiles. Mindy sat up quickly, realizing that she was not at home.

The first thing that caught her eye was all of the glinting metal machinery. There was a metal pole to her right, with was holding a funny looking plastic bag. It was dripping red liquid into a small tube that was traveling down to.... Uh-oh.

Mindy moved the covers off of her torso, feeling her heart thudding furiously in her chest. Her eyes widened when she realized where the tube was leading to. Her arm ached slightly with every move her shoulders and hand went.

Inserted into Mindy's wrist was the one thing she was the most afraid of - a needle. A needle that was passing blood into her veins.

Mindy felt her head get lighter, and laid back down. her eyes fluttered shut, and she could just barely hear someone calling her name before she slipped into the darkness once again.


The yelling. It had to stop. Where was it coming from? Do I have to open my eyes? Mindy asked herself.

Mindy raised herself from the bed slightly, opening her eyes. The two who were fighting stood at the foot of her bed, not bothering to control the volume of their voices. Mindy squinted against the harsh light. She was still in the hospital bed. The scary one.

"It was your fault! You're the one that gave her the panic attack!"

"Well, if it weren't for your wreck less driving, she would've gotten here without losing so much blood!"

Mindy blinked. That was Mason's voice. She hadn't heard Mason's voice in a few days. What was up with that? And what was he accusing Tom of? Tom!

Mindy groaned, sitting up all the way. There he was. She was safe. Everything was okay. She sighed a breath of relief, realizing that everything was going to be okay.

"Mindy?" Mason and Tom said, completely synchronized.

Mindy smiled. She thought that they would've continued their banter, but it seemed like they forgot about it. Did she really have that effect? Did she look that horrible?

"What's going on?" Mindy asked, her heart hammering in her chest.

The machine to her left started beeping pretty fast, but Mindy couldn't really hear it. Her head was pounding, making her ears throb unnaturally. Mindy shut her eyes tight, squeezing her eyelids together to stop them from letting her eyes burst out of heir sockets.

"Mindy?" She barely heard Tom ask. "Dang it!"


"What's going on?"

"I need you to get out."


"We will call you in when she is calm. You need to leave."


"Come on Tom! You heard her!"

The commotion continued, but Mindy could barely register who was talking. It was all a blur, none of it making sense.

"Mindy, this is Nurse Kathy. I need you to take deep breaths, please." A small, kind voice said.

Mindy smiled, her eyes still closed. It was such a nice voice. Pretty, too. Who was Kathy? She didn't remember a Kathy. Maybe she was a friend she made back in elementary school.

"Mindy," the soothing voice said again. "Breathe in deeply."

Mindy did as she was told, and when she did so, she tasted a strange air that seemed to sting the back of her throat. She became slightly dizzy, and this feeling seemed to be normal for her. Still smiling, Mindy slipped into another deep sleep.

Author Notes: Hey! This is the new chapter, I'm so glad you guys like it!! Thanks for all of the support!

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13 Apr, 2017
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