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Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt. 2

Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt. 2

By Kat - 1 Review

Chapter Two-

"I know, Sir," she said earnestly. "I was trying to get to my art class because it takes six minutes to get there a five to walk and now I have eight until the class starts - please, sir, my morning has been horrible,"

the officer smiled a little under his hat. He took it off, revealing a full head of blonde hair, framing his strong face perfectly and brightening his diamond blue eyes. Mindy shrank away, suddenly a lot more shy then she had been before.

The officer's half smile stayed, and it looked sincere. "Sorry I'm making you late," he said, sounding honest. "But what you were doing back there was not safe,"

Mindy nodded. "And I plan on never doing it again,"

This time the officer grinned, showing perfect white teeth and creating dimples on his cheeks. Mindy almost sighed as she watched him smile, but realized that she was still in danger of being written up.

"I'm going to let you off with a warning," he said, but still clicked his pen and wrote on the paper used for writing tickets.

Mindy gulped. Was he writing the warning or was he joking when he said that he wouldn't write her up? He tore of the paper and handed it to her.

"And a phone number," he smiled sheepishly. "I've never seen anyone so pretty look so exciting. Try to call me sometime?"

Mindy looked speachless at the paper, then back at the officer. She tucked he paper into her pocket.

"Sure..." she said, remembering that she didn't know his name, awkwardly trying to guess at it.

"Tom," he replied to the silence. "And you are?"

"Mindy," she answered, grinning.

As the officer walked back to his police car, Mindy decided that she would eat breakfast. She could call her professer and announce that she had been sick after the class was to be over. Elation and giddiness galloped inside her veins as she started her car again.

Author Notes: Send any editing or comments! -KP

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21 Dec, 2016
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