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Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt. 3

Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt. 3

By Kat - 1 Review

Mindy reached for her apartment phone, then let her hand drop. She continued the strange charade until she felt like she was trying to use the Force. Grunting in frustration, she plopped down on the couch.

The couch was a black leather, and all around her sketches and unfinished paintings were scattered, creating a mess of colors. Mindy smiled at one of her most recent works: a police officer with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She had used acrylic paints on a canvas, and tried her best to remember the face of the officer. She used every model she could.

Swallowing her fear, Mindy grabbed the phone and dialed the number she had absentmindedly memorized. It took a while for the receiver to pick up, and when it did a tired voice came over the speaker.

"Tom here, who's this?" she heard.

Heart leaping out of her throat, Mindy reshifted her hands in the phone. "It's Mindy,"

There was a slight pause. "Do you know what time it is?"

Mindy checked her watch. "It's only nine,"

She heard muffled shuffeling. "And shouldn't a tired college student like you be asleep right now?"

Mindy grimaced. "I have sleep problems," she said honestly. "I fall asleep when my body makes me,"

She heard a small laugh on the other end of the receiver. "Really?"

Mindy nodded, forgetting that Tom couldn't see her. "Yeah," she said quickly. "Sorry if I woke you,"

Tom seemed to yawn. "Well, I'm up now," he said. "Might as well continue talking. Meet me at the park?"

The park was basically a forest with several ponds randomly placed inside. It seemed to be made by nature, something Mindy liked very much. It was a perfect place to study. Her studies!

"I can't," Mindy said, stomach sinking. "I have so much homework and studies to get done,"

Tom winced over the phone. "Sorry about that, by the way,"

Mindy gave a half smile. "It's OK, it was worth it. Maybe some other time?"

Tom paused, and the receiver was quiet. "Tom?"

"Can I meet you at the park tonight, bring you're books and work you need to get done - and a jacket, it's cold." He went from a question to a statement so fast Mindy had to think over the sentence again in her mind.


"You'll see,"

Tom hung up, leaving Mindy in confusion and silence. She began packing the books and work she needed to get done, along with a few sketches she planned on finishing. Still confused, she grabbed her jacket and keys and walked it the door.

Author Notes: So should I continue this? I'm not completely sure if it's detailed enough. How ling is a short story supposed to be? -KP

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21 Dec, 2016
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