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Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt. 4

Her First Kiss; His First Love Chpt. 4

By Kat - 1 Review

"Wow, you got flashlight and everything," Mindy gaped at the study area. It was by one of the many ponds in the park, set up beneath an old oak tree. A quilt was spread onto the grass, flashlights and extra blankets laid out on it.
"You like it?" Tom asked from slightly behind her.
Mindy nodded in astonishment. "Thank you so much," she said, tears starting to fill her eyes. "No one has ever been this thoughtful,"
Tom held her shoulder. "Then they're all idiots, you are completely worth it,"
Mindy decided not to mention that they had only met the other day. She made her way slowly to the blankets and dropped her backpack on it.
"Thank you so much!" Mindy exclaimed, plopping down.
Tom sat carefully, one leg bent and the other extended, next to her. He was in jean and a sweatshirt, so when Mindy saw him she barely recognized him without his police uniform.
"No problem," he said. "What's first on the addenda?"
Mindy smiled and opened her backpack. She pulled out a binder of papers. "This one is my Greek Mythology paper, only needs to be revised,"
Tom plucked it out of Mindy's hand and read over it, eyebrows raising every once and a while. Mindy sat with her arms around her knees as she waited anxiously to get feedback.
"Wow," Tom finally said. "You write good papers. I couldn't find anything that needed revising. No grammar or punctuation errors, all of the sentences are complete... I don't know what to say,"
Mindy smiled at the praise. "Thank you,"
She said it softly, afraid that she had said it too much in the past few minutes. She mentally counted the amount of times she had said it that evening, but gave up after the first two.
"What's the next project?" Tom asked, sending her thoughts away.
Mindy sighed. "I need to finish a few sketches, but I got bored of them for a while."
Tom smiled, creating dimples on his cheeks. "Let's see them, then,"
Mindy exhaled and reached into her bag, pulling out a sketchbook and a few loose papers. "Here they are,"
Tom looked through the sketches, and Mindy watched for his expressions. He raised his eyebrows on one and his eyes widened for the rest of them. Was that a good sign?
"Holy crud!" Tom exclaimed.
"They're bad, aren't they," Mindy looked down.
Tom shook his head. "They're amazing! The way you captured the light in this one, how the heck did you do that?"
Mindy smiled softly. "With an H2 pencil and an eraser,"
Tom shook his head, eyes filled with wonder. "I don't think you need to add anything to any of these,"
Mindy's eyes fell. Disbelieve hung in her mind, pulling at her forehead. "Of course I do,"
Tom took her hand in his, making Mindy look up into his eyes. Gosh, they were gorgeous. "You need more self confidence," he said, his smile growing. "Because with you're talent you could make half the world go teary-eyed."
Mindy looked down, but Tom caught her chin in his hand. "Please don't look down, I want to see you,"
Mindy's breaths came a little faster. They were inches apart. She could feel the tension in the space between them. Mindy wanted so badly for that space to be gone.
Bravely, she moved a little closer, gathering up her courage. "I think I like you,"
Tom smiled, "I like you, too, Mindy,"
And suddenly their smile's met, Mindy's heart leaping out of her chest. Tom kept his hand on her chin, tugging her closer. Mindy couldn't stop smiling. She'd never kissed anyone before, and she couldn't believe what she had been missing out on.

Author Notes: Please review if you think I should continue! Feedback is great!

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27 Dec, 2016
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