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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 6)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 6)

By Kat

Mindy tumbled around her apartment, clothes and other items practically flying around her like a tornado. It was her first official date with Tom, and she wasn't sure what to wear. Tom never mentioned what they were going to do, which basically annoyed the crap out of Mindy. What was she going to wear?
Usually Mindy isn't a mess over guys, but since she met Tom, she found a new passion for caring what she looked like.
Slipping on a floaty and comfortable dress, Mindy looked in the mirror. It looked casual but when she twirled it fanned out to waist-level. Smiling to herself, Mindy added slight makeup and lipstick, being careful to make it look even. When she was finally done, she had five minutes until he was there. Mindy grabbed her cell and wallet, slipping them into the inner pockets, and grabbed some high heels.
Mindy was like a walking pipe bomb when she wore heels, but with her naturally short self, she couldn't risk not wearing them. Sighing to herself, she pinned up her long hair into a bun, letting it casually poof up, a few strands falling to the sides of her face. Checking her reflection again, Mindy waited for Tom.
It didn't take long, but when she saw him she automatically felt over dressed. Tom looked her up and down, raising an eyebrow. "I'm overdressed, aren't I?"
Tom smiled slyly. "A bit,"
Mindy let Tom in and had him sit on the couch. He was wearing navy blue jeans and a purple teeshirt, making his eyes pop out all the more blue. Mindy smiled weakly, taking in his strong jawline and curly dirty blond hair. Tom smiled back, seeming to study her as well.
"I'm going to go change into jeans," Mindy announced, breaking the silence.
Tom nodded and Mindy rushed off, grabbing light blue jeans and an old Eminem teeshirt. The shirt was too big, so she decided to use the ponytail from her bun to cinch it at her stomach.

Tom -

She walked back into the living room, light blue jeans showing off her curves and an old rock shirt hanging - slightly baggy - from her shoulders. The bagginess was forgotten when she reached up to undue her bun, her flat stomach being revealed. Tom's heart fluttered, and he mentally shook himself. It was a first date - he shouldn't feel this way.
Mindy tied the shirt at her stomach with the hair tie she had used for her hair, making it all be more easy to stare at her stomach. Tom visibly shivered as he looked up to Mindy's eyes, which were studying his.
"Ready?" Tom swallowed, standing.
Mind nodded, taking his offered hand. "Where are we going?"
Tom could barely hear her. He began to worry about his hang - snugly in hers. Was it sweaty? When had he washed it last? Mindy repeated her question, squeezing his hand slightly.
Tom smiled smugly. "That's for me to know and you to find out,"
Together, they walked out of her apartment building and onto the busy streets of Seattle.

Author Notes: I know it's short, but I haven't had enough time lately. Exams left me fried and studying for next trimester. Please comment and review if I should continue!! ❤️KP

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12 Jan, 2017
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2 mins
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